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10 Amazing Growth Hacking Tools for Startups

10 Amazing Growth Hacking Tools for Startups

These past few years have been the greatest years for startups. More and more people are starting to realize these small players as the next big thing companies in the world. Who can even forget how Facebook and Twitter have become a part of our lives? “Netflix and chill” now has become a colloquial term for hanging out. Were you among the ones who were frustrated to get a 3-star play on Rovio’s Angry Birds?

Majority of the funding sources of most startups come from their personal savings and credit. This means that every dollar, every cent counts for startups. Whatever they spend on should help them gain traction in their startup journey. There are hundreds of tools on the Internet claiming to help businesses to gain or attract more leads through an outreach campaign. Using guerilla tactics uses the minimal amount of resources, but requires tremendous human effort to push through. In return, it reaps incredible results valuable to the company’s ROI.

We hope that ModCloth and One Kings Lane’s story inspires you. They directly engaged influencers in their blogging community. For industries that can benefit from blogger outreach, this campaign can help a startup gain authentic publicity at a minimum cost.

For startups, outreach campaigns are cost-effective but can be time-consuming. To simplify and speed up the process, here are some great tools that you can use on your outreach campaigns for your brand:


1. Hello Bar

We’re all familiar with that bar on the header part of the browser. It’s an effective call to action element on your website, whether you’re looking for subscribers or interested visitors inquiring about your business.

This horizontal bar on top of a website can help you generate leads that you can get in touch with if you’re doing email marketing on the side as well. No need to create another page unless you don’t have a specific landing page; you just have to input a script on your site once to activate the bar.


2. ListBuilder

Aside from Hello Bar, List Builder is another means to increase your email leads. List Builder can be integrated through email services such as Aweber and MailChimp. List Builder works on desktop and mobile. Never worry about timing your pop up with its “Smart Popup Mode”, prompting guests to enter their email once you have their attention.


3. Rapportive

Wouldn’t it be nice to know more about your prospect? For blogging outreach, Rapportive has been effective in showing details about your contacts right inside your inbox. It pulls in data from social media sites, especially from LinkedIn, and it shows you basic information about your contacts such as their name, position in the company, and their social media channels. You can use these data to know your prospect better. You can devise a strategy on how to approach them properly!


4. Sigstr

Employee emails can also be used as marketing channels for a startup! With Sigstr, you can tap on this marketing channel easily! By centralizing control over your employees’ email signature, you can now enjoy a consistently branded email signature! As an example, Sigstr gives you an idea of how you can use emails for marketing:

Your organization of 50 employees will send 511,000 emails this year! Those emails will be viewed 1,277,500 times. At an average click rate of .5%, those views represent approximately 6,388 new brand engagements and opportunities to convert.


5. Throttle

When you manage an outreach campaign, expect to see a lot of emails coming into your inbox. Newsletter subscriptions, discount, and coupons, social account updates, even spam mail ¾ Throttle helps you clear out your inbox and deliver email that matters to you most.

Throttle lets you “disguise” your email using their own unique emails to mask your identity. This way, you can determine what categories of your email you can revoke access to, or completely block from entering your inbox. Your email and personal information are now secured!


6. Instapage

Hiring another web designer will just eat up your budget. Instapage lets you build, integrate, deploy, and improve your dream landing page! Your new landing page is also mobile responsive, perfect for websites with a dominant mobile audience. With Instapage, your landing page becomes a lead generation system. Whether you’re setting up a download page for your ebook, a quick newsletter signup page, or a multi-step form for complex lead inquiries, Instapage can handle it all.


7. Quuu

Social media is every startup’s gold mine. Nowadays, it’s possible to connect to everyone over the world who’s on social media for different purposes. Whether you’re looking for new people to join your team, connect with other businesses that may need your services (B2B), or to increase brand awareness, social media is indeed a big channel for your marketing efforts!

To engage people across your social media accounts, you should plan and mind what you post; share posts that are insightful and meaningful to your target audience and see how they naturally engage with your page! The dilemma: it’s hard to curate posts. That’s why Quuu can help you select those noteworthy posts! Quuu hand-picks posts to ensure complete relevance and quality. You can seamlessly integrate it with Buffer so you don’t have to bother posting it yourself!


8. AdJelly

If you plan to increase your social outreach via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more, Ad Jelly can help you! Images are important in social media. According to research, there’s an increase of up to 94% more views in posts with visuals compared to those without. Keeping tabs on size dimensions can be a headache, and it changes over time as these social media channels can change profile layouts as well. Ad Jelly can help you check your images not only for size dimensions but compliance for ads guidelines as well.


9. Mailtrack

Ever wondered if your email was read or not? Mailtrack can help you track if your email was read by your recipient! What’s neat about Mailtrack is that you can track how many times it was read by the recipient himself. From there, you can gauge his interest in the content you sent. This can help you decide if you’ll consider an email a dead lead or simply needs follow up.


10. FreshBooks

Managing and tracking invoices, time, and expenses for startup small businesses shouldn’t be a problem, especially with FreshBooks. Money going in and going out is the most important movement for new businesses and small businesses alike. With FreshBooks, your accounting tasks will always be easy, fast and secure. There are a lot of apps that can be integrated to your FreshBooks platform, ranging from customer support apps, expense tracking apps, CRMs, project management platforms, marketing, and lead generation apps.

Imagine all of these apps at your disposal! Truly, this is the best time to build a startup! Small businesses can now thrive in competitive environments, and can even go against known brands through these growth hacking tools. Time and money is important; every dollar counts on where you invest them, so invest in these tools properly!


Author Bio:

Kenneth Sytian is the CEO of Sytian IT Solutions, one of the leading web design company in the Philippines. He has been designing websites and developing web apps for more than a decade. He is considered as one of the top influencers in web design and development.


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