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8 Step Guide to App Store Optimization _ 2019

8 Step Guide to App Store Optimization _ 2019

App Store Optimization

Follow These 8 Steps For App Store Optimization in 2019


Find Relevant App Store Keywords

The first and most important step in your app store optimization strategy is ‘choosing the right keywords’. Think up of at least 50 keywords that are relevant to your mobile app. Think of keywords that users would most commonly use to look for an app related to your domain. Try to find the keywords that can fulfill your customer’s needs and help them find your app on the app stores. You can find the right keywords with the help of tools such as Ubersuggest, AppFollow, and ahrefs.


Engaging App Title

The title of your mobile app plays a major role in the success of your mobile apps. You want to create an app title that will attract your visitors and motivate them to interact with your app. It’s basically the first thing that users see in their search results.


When deciding the title of your app, the best approach would be to brainstorm titles that describe what your app can do and what purpose it serves. While brainstorming your title ideas, make sure that you include your main keyword, just by incorporating your keyword in your app’s title you can improve your rankings by 10 percent. Be careful though, don’t overstuff the keyword, you want your title to be sleek and easy to remember.


If you’re launching your app on the app store, you have the advantage of including a subtitle as well. You can add a subtitle of 30 characters to highlight the type of app that you have as well as its unique features. The subtitles are indexed by the search engine so don’t forget to incorporate your keywords because this will directly impact your rankings as well as conversions.


Optimize App Description

Both of the app stores allow you to add an app description of 4,000 characters. You can take this opportunity to describe the unique features of your mobile app, latest updates, limited time offers and sales, and a strong call to action.
Make sure that you highlight the value that your app provides in the first three lines of your description. Don’t forget to include any special mentions or awards that you’ve received and also add links to all your social media profiles.


Compelling Screenshots and Icons

Expert mobile app development companies understand that an attractive app icon that is memorable and unique is essential for symbolizing your mobile app. Try to brainstorm ideas that will make your app stand out from your competitors, try using unique colors in order to prevent any type of confusion. There are thousands of apps out there, you will have to do some creative thinking to come up with the right app icon.


Have you ever noticed that whenever you’re looking for a mobile app on the app stores, every app you come across showcases their screenshots. This is because the majority of the users look at your screenshots before they download your app. Use as many screenshots as the app store allows, but, do make sure that your screenshots look professional and aesthetically pleasing.


Competition Research

No matter what type of business you are, it’s essential that you do market research and find & analyze your top competitors. In order to succeed in the market, it’s essential that you know who your competitors are and what their business strategy is.  
And to be very honest, your app is probably not that unique, so why not take advantage of your competitors who are already ranking on the app store. You can even find relevant keywords to target by analyzing your competitors with the help of tools like AppFollow and ahrefs.


Build Your Backlinks

Search engines are looking to promote websites and mobile apps that actually appear to be adding value. In order to show that your mobile app has a certain authority in the market, it’s essential that you get backlinks for your mobile app. Make sure that you get backlinks from active websites that have high authority and are relevant to your mobile app.

Be very careful though, in ASO quality matters more than quantity. So it would be a better approach to get high-quality links from only high-quality websites.


Ratings and Reviews

Do you have a habit of checking the reviews and ratings of a product before purchasing it? I’m pretty sure you do. I myself have developed a habit of checking the reviews ratings of mobile apps before I install them. Similar is the case with the majority of the users. So if you want to rank in the app store and drive more conversions, you will have to start developing your credibility.


One very effective way of doing this is by getting positive reviews and ratings for your mobile app. These statistics can impact drastically impact a user’s perception of your mobile app. You can influence your ratings by asking your current users to rate and review your app. The better ratings you have the more conversions you will be able to drive.



It’s true that English is the most widely spoken language. But it’s definitely not the only language. If you’re aiming to reach people from all across the globe, you will have to step your game and start localizing your mobile app. Localizing your mobile app to multiple languages seems like a daunting task, but the effort is definitely worth it.
Here are some benefits that you can drive by localizing your mobile app:
-Increase the reach of your mobile app
-You will have a competitive advantage in the market
-You will be able to deliver a better user experience
-More visibility and more users from multiple locations

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