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5 Excellent Social Media Marketing Tips To Market Your Product

5 Excellent Social Media Marketing Tips To Market Your Product

We’ve been using the social networks for just over a decade, but it feels like forever. Let’s start with my experience. When I opened my account on Facebook, I was amazed how small the world had become. Acquaintances, friends and old college fellows popped up on my screen out of the blue as I hadn’t seen them for decades and living in far away places. Some of them got little older with grayer hairs, but I remember them. Same goes for the other social media platforms.

In any business, no matter it is small or you have a significant investment in it; every business person considers the return on investment (ROI) while marketing his/her business. While marketing business, you must keep in mind that the internet reaches to more people all around the world as compared to the newspaper, you’re passing business cards, and the flyer is passing through the town.

Now you must be thinking that how does it happen? There are many several ways to market your business online, and you would be happy to know that some of them are free. Now the problem of return on investment is solved, now you have the way to invest a less amount in marketing and having more chances to get clients for your product. With the passage of time, the business people changed their marketing styles for better results of their sales. Branding is believed to be one of the major reason why you need to use social media to market your product. It is significant to grow and endorse a product, especially when it comes to small business startups. When you engage potential customers by using social media, you eventually build your brand and intensify customer relationships to covert the prospects to paying customers and in turn experience higher return on investment.

If you’re looking to initiate a social media marketing campaign that draws huge traffic to your website or landing page, No worries! Here, in this article, I’ve mentioned top 5 social media marketing tips to follow that help you thrive in business.

1. Competitions

Competitions works out great as we all love to win. It’s a matter of satisfaction. You can start by posting a competition on any of the social networking sites. In this way, you will get in-depth know how of your target audience and eventually creating the hype to introduce your product. Mountain Dew, For-example, they solicit the audience to give a review on their newly launched soda flavor and let them help in developing the end product. It is called as crowdsourcing strategy. Such competitions are quite engaging, which let the audience become loyal customers. They have also supplied free commercial freezers to the wholesalers as part of their marketing program.

2. Games/Quizzes

You can also go about posting a game or quiz on your business profile to enable participants to earn something for free. For-instance, Sunsilk posted a game as part of its social media campaign and ask people to play it to win. The one who will score the highest will get the product for free.

3. App

Another tip to market a product on social media is to develop a brand-based application. In this way, people will used to your brand and become loyal customers by endorsing your product.

4. Valuable Content

Developing free content for your business page is very important. If you haven’t hired any advertising professional, you can ask your family members or friends to create a valuable content for the page. They can simply make a video showing the product use or a clip showing a visit to your shop. People will see and got satisfied and will surely try the product. Always open the review section for the customers, so they can leave a review and let others help in making an instant purchase.

5. Discounted Offers

Offers can help a lot in building your brand image. People like to have free products and samples to try out. It’s a good idea to connect more fans/followers/friends by offering customers free giveaways like a sample product or a discount card. A lot of businesses such as Domino’s, Pizza Hut, KFC are already using this marketing strategy. They offer discounted offers on their meals and boost up their sales to double. 

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