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5 Ways Emiratis Can Avoid Overspending on Health Insurance

5 Ways Emiratis Can Avoid Overspending on Health Insurance

The healthcare sector in the United Arab Emirates has changed a lot recently. The changes have left people confused and paying more for healthcare through private facilities. Health insurance in Dubai and elsewhere has become a hotly discussed topic. No one likes to be left in a situation where going to the doctor will cost a fortune – finding the right health insurance has become a priority for Emiratis.


The good news is that with proper planning and research, you can avoid overspending on health insurance and find a policy that fits your healthcare needs. Here are the five ways you need to do that.


1. Draw up your own healthcare budget


The first step is to understand your current financial situation. In an ideal world, you’d want the insurance with the most coverage but this might not always be possible – your finances might not be there right now. Therefore, you need to do some budgeting and carefully consider what kind of healthcare budget you are able to afford and need.


You should view different health insurance policies like AXA health insurance to get an idea on the pricing. Then compare your current spending and see how much you can set aside for healthcare without being financially worse off. Make sure you also factor in future increases in premiums – health insurance in Dubai regularly changes, for example.


2. Learn about the UAE health insurance policies


Once you have a rough idea on the kind of budget you’re able to set aside for healthcare, you need to start looking into the different policies available. The first thing to do is to understand what the law currently is in UAE.


You must understand what rights and requirements you have as an Emirati. You can find plenty of detailed information from the government’s website. For those who are not UAE nationals but permanent citizens in the country, the rules are different. Therefore, you need to examine the policies that apply to you and your family. The government’s website is a great place to start but you can also receive more information from health insurance companies operating in Dubai and elsewhere.


3. Understand the different health insurance options


If you’ve never looked at a health insurance policy before, you must first understand that health insurances come in all shapes and sizes. There is no single AXA health insurance policy, for example. Instead, the insurer offers a number of different options. The employer can provide some insurance options and other insurance options mean you can take them out as a private citizen. Furthermore, the coverage will depend on your chosen policy – some only work in certain hospitals while others might increase more costs for and higher insurance payments.


Learning more about insurance options and different types of cover might not seem like the best way to spend your nights and weekend. But if you don’t want to overspend on health insurance, it is an important step to take. Remember good insurance providers should provide you with information and answer your questions before you take out the policy – if they don’t seem willing to help, they probably aren’t worth your time anyway.


4. Get quotes from health insurance providers before committing


Once you are on top of the different options and health insurance jargon, you can start looking for health insurance. You can simply type the keyword ‘health insurance in Dubai’ in Google and start receiving results (change the location to suit you, if not in Dubai). You can also visit certain famous health insurance providers directly – AXA health insurance has a good website for more information.


Get quotes from at least three different providers. Don’t focus just on the price – although you do want to stick to your budget! – but remember to also carefully look what cover you’d receive which each policy and what certain treatments might cost. Once you’ve compared different policies, you can pick the winner.


5. Don’t forget about your health insurance once it’s sorted


It’s easy to pick a health insurance and simply forget about it. You’re now covered so why should you care? Because health insurance can change and the policy you took out previously might not be the most cost-effective anymore. You want to check your health insurance policy once a year and check if better policies are available to you. Some health insurance providers make changing policies easier – however, you need to be careful whether there are any hidden fees applied when changing your insurance provider.


With the above tips, you should avoid overspending on health insurance in Dubai and elsewhere in the UAE. Just remember to do your homework and learn about the health insurance policies in place. Don’t make hasty decisions and ask help from professionals if you need to.


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