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6 Reasons You Should Try Video Marketing

6 Reasons You Should Try Video Marketing

The use of video content in digital marketing is increasing rapidly. Although Google reigns supreme when it comes to search engines, the second place is actually held by YouTube. Not only is video becoming the go-to medium for displaying information and entertaining the masses, but industry experts project that in 2017 video content will account for around 70% of all internet traffic. The use of video content in digital marketing practices has become a necessity and refusing to use it can only result in falling back behind the competition and losing potential revenue.

This comes as a no surprise, as watching video for a couple of minutes is a lot easier for most than spending 10-15 minutes reading through the text. Even the top brands and businesses realize the importance of communicating their message in the shortest amount of time possible, and nothing trumps video when it comes to that. If you are unconvinced that video is slowly but surely becoming the future of marketing, here are x reasons why you should incorporate video content into your digital marketing campaigns.

1.      People enjoy watching videos

You might be wondering why is it that the vast majority of people prefers getting their information by watching a video instead of reading that same information as a piece of text. It’s rather simple really, as video content as such has the ability to convey the largest amount of information in the shortest amount of time. And people want their information instantly, rather than wasting time to piece that information from bits and pieces scattered through a large text. According to Cisco, video traffic took up 55% of mobile internet traffic, which only supports the claim that people prefer video over other types of content.  

2.      Video helps people identify with your business easier

A properly executed video marketing campaign has the ability to not only make the customers feel good about watching it, but it also helps build trust with your brand. People are more likely to trust and invest into a business when they hear about it in a well-produced and engaging video. This is especially true when it comes to video reviews and testimonials, as people relate more easily with a fellow human being rather than using simple graphics and over-the-top effects.

3.      People spend more time on video content

One of the greatest advantages that come from using video as a digital marketing tool is that increases the time an average person spends on your website. Text can be considered to be boring or simply too long and convoluted to read and there are literally too many graphic images around the web for marketers to convey their message and make sure it’s been well received and remembered. The video, on the other hand, is a lot more memorable, and even if a person doesn’t have the time to view it, they can still hear the message being carried in the background.










4.      Video content works very well with email marketing

Marketers are constantly looking for new ways to boost their click-through rates in emails and improve the overall engagement with email marketing. A study has shown that email opening rates rise by 5.6% and click-through rises up to a staggering 96% when marketers embed video in their emails. Additionally, video as a medium can easily be tracked and analyzed for statistics regarding those who opened it, those two finished it and the ones that replayed it. These statistics are an essential input for any serious marketing campaign, which only supports the fact that video is gaining traction as a preferred method for digital marketing.

5.      Video content is excellent for SEO

Google actually acquired YouTube back in 2006. Since then, it has become a staple in their ranking algorithm. Experts from Green SEO Sydney recommend regularly updating your website and/or YouTube profile with relevant, up to date content which educates, engages and encourages people to interact with your brand, increases the odds of your business being displayed at the top of the search engine results page, which in turn, leads to a greater exposure and higher conversion rates. Not to mention that not all websites are actually adapted for mobile use, unlike video, which can, nowadays, be played on almost every phone.

6.      Video builds trust

A well-produced and thought-out video has better chances of leaving a good impression than any other mean of internet marketing. A good video message can win the trust of the audience because they recognize the effort and time people put into making good video content. A properly-executed video marketing campaign creates the impression that your brand cares about how it is perceived and it’s serious in trying to capture their attention. Which only supports the old saying that “first impression is everything”.

At the end of the day, video trumps all other means of video marketing. People love watching them, businesses love making them and search engines favor them in the terms of ranking. Taking the time to devise a good video marketing approach can only benefit your brand and business and make you stand-out from the competition. And videos stand the test of time; the best commercials can still evoke the same feelings even when watched more than once. Although ads tend to fade out quickly, a good video can remain relevant for years.    

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