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6 Smart Hacks to Pack Light for a 2-Week Vacation

6 Smart Hacks to Pack Light for a 2-Week Vacation

Packing light is definitely a challenge but it’s much like any skill out there. The more you do it, the easier it becomes to do. Plus, if you get used to doing it, it will be easier for you to do without planning in advance too much. You’re going to find out just how to do it automatically.

Of course, a lot of us aren’t blessed with this type of unique packing skill. Instead, what people usually do is they see the extra space inside their luggage and think: “Hmm. I could fit something else in there!” Instead of leaving the space alone, we have this instinct to make the most out of the space and fill it in with something. Thus, making our bags heavier.

If you’re going on a 2-week vacation, you might be thinking that you’re going to pack as many clothes based on the days that you’re away. Instead, follow the following hacks listed below to know just how you can pack light for a 2-week vacation.

1. Make a list

The first step of packing light for any trip is by making a list. Making a list is a great way of keeping things on track so that you don’t forget packing the essentials. With that said, you should make sure that you include the important items first before you think of packing any extras with you.

It’s important that you pack the essentials first because once you’ve got the essentials in, you can start becoming more discerning of the rest that you pack in there. Double-check whether or not you want or need what you’re packing after the essentials. By double-checking yourself, you might be more hesitant about packing in some other things into your baggage.

2. Pack neutral-colored and basic clothing

One of the things that are making your luggage heavier is the clothes that you bring with you. Of course, it’s understandable if you’re going to a variety of tourist spots you’d want to take photos and your outfit needs to look as good as the place you’re going to (not really).

If you’re fashion-conscious, then you should know that neutral colors almost always look good on everyone, especially black. Thus, when packing your clothes just pack the fashion essentials with you. Then, make sure that they’re neutral-colored so that it looks good no matter what you wear and where you are.

3. Bring multi-use pair of shoes

Your footwear are also one of the things that will make your pack heavier than you’d realize. At most, you should only pack a couple of footwear for your pack. You should make the most out of this footwear limit so it’s great if you bring footwear that has plenty of use.

If you’re going to be doing a lot of walking, then it’s best that you pack shoes that you are already comfortable wearing. Wearing new shoes can be a killer for your feet since the shoes haven’t been broken in yet.

4. Use packing cubes

When you’re packing light, you will have more space in your pack to be more organized. Although it can be hard to keep packing in a way where it’s easier to organize, you can buy some things that will help make the organization easier for you. One such item that is made just for that is the packing cubes.

Packing cubes are essentially small pouches that you can buy where you can store items and it helps when it comes to categorizing items. You can make it easier for you to find out where the items are and where they belong in your pack. Plus, it’s a form of protection for them as well.

5. Bring travel-sized toiletries, or not

When you’re bringing your toiletries with you, you should be conscious of the carry-on luggage size that you have. It’s ideal that you bring travel-size toiletries so that your bag isn’t adding unnecessary weight. Just transfer the contents in these containers and you’re done.

One other way to ensure that you even make space in your pack is by not packing some toiletries at all even. It’s unlikely that you’re going to go to a place where you won’t have access to toiletries that you can purchase so if you can, try and avoid packing toiletries if you can buy them from where you’re going anyway.

6. Wear bulky items

If you’re going to be bringing bulky clothes with your travels, then it’s best that you’re already wearing them instead of leaving them in your luggage. It helps if you wrap a jacket around your waist so that you can reduce more items from your luggage.

Packing light will be something that you’re thankful for on your 2-week vacation. However, if you’re not used to packing light then the tips above are useful references that can get you started. As long as you keep yourself disciplined, then you should have a much smoother time packing light for your upcoming vacation.


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