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Home Based Business Ideas For 2019

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Home Based Business Ideas For 2019

Home Based Business Ideas For 2019

Running a business from home has become a dream for many but at the same time the phenomenon has been taken advantage off by all kinds of multi level marketing companies, home sales companies as well as a way to acquire low cost labour in a shady way.

Don’t lose faith though, there are many good business opportunities that can be run from home and even more if we call them “almost home based” businesses – i.e. businesses that are mostly managed from home but still has some out of home activities.

Below follows our list of 60 business ideas for home. Enjoy!

Make Money Working From Home

Making a good living by working from home is a dream many of us share and it's become more and more common to find examples of people who manage to work from home and being successful at what they do at the same time. Most of the business ideas listed below are pretty easy to understand and require a set education or skill set but there are plenty of options that are very innovative and can stimulate your intellect and valet at the same time. 

1.   Academic Researcher

2.   Accountant

3.   Architect

4.   Beauty therapist

5.   Bicycle repairman

6.   Car repairman

7.   Caterer

8.   Computers, electronics repairman

9.   Concierge

10. Consultant

11. Cottage production of food and crafts

12. Data input

13. Data mining

14. Data structuring,

15. Day care centre

16. Digital marketing

17. Digitalising photos, music, video etc

18. Discount collector and distributor

19. Event planner

20. Event tickets reseller

21. Farmer

22. Financial adviser

23. Financial derivate trading

24. Flea market or ebay seller

25. Foreign culture consultant

26. Freelance journalist

27. Furniture-production and -refurbishment

28. Graphic design

29. Handicrafts production

30. Home Physician

31. Home tutoring

32. Import and export trading

33. Jewellery production

34. Kindergarten for dogs

35. Lawyer

36. Lecturer and trainer

37. Management consultant

38. Mechanical engineer

39. Music teacher

40. Online analyst

41. Online mental therapist

42. Online researcher

43. Online teacher

44. Painter

45. Personal online shopper

46. Photographer

47. Pod cast and YouTube producer

48. Renting out your home

49. Salesman on commission

50. Soaps or candles production

51. Software developer

52. Sowing

53. Spiritual activities

54. Sports coach and trainer

55. Translator

56. Used car sales

57. Video editing

58. Virtual assistant

59. Wood crafting

60. Writer




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