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7 E’s Every Entrepreneur Needs to Build Great Teams

7 E’s Every Entrepreneur Needs to Build Great Teams

So, what do you think, what traits make a great leader? What characteristics help to encourage, inspire and motivate team and businesses to achieve new heights of success?

In order to get yourself prepared for senior leadership position, taking initiatives, and leading a team of professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs need to develop seven qualities to achieve success and drive results.


1. Engagement

Being a business leader, you need to engage your teams, get them involved in your business planning and ask their views about the business strategy you are going to implement. Without engagement, the chances of success are little to zero.  

Since the average employee engagement in US in 32% which clearly indicates that not enough leaders take this either seriously, or take it as a challenging task. There are many studies that suggest that engaged team can perform more efficiently than disengaged teams, and great leaders know this secret and they take it as a primary function.

You can’t simply engage with your team behind a desk, through emails or skype, you have to be on the floor to meet people, speak with them, connect with them. Share your vision, goals, objectives, strategy and show them the real purpose of it. When you do that your team will be surely willing to follow you and commit to the objectives.


2. Empathetic

“First seek to understand if you want to be understood”, Stephen Covey.

When a business leader is empathetic, it allows you to make a deeper connection and strong relationship with your team. It works greatly to put yourself into their positions which will eventually help you promote better communication that increases understanding of a project and help them achieve the milestones on time, within budget.

Moreover, empathy helps business leader, project managers and entrepreneurs to build trust, which is indeed the crucial factor of great leadership.


3. Enthusiasm

If you want your team to be engaged, then you have to make a strong connection with them. You have to show high levels of passion and enthusiasm for your objectives and project goals. If you don’t show the determination and enthusiasm, then how can you expect your team to hit the milestones.

Enthusiasm and eagerness to achieve is contagious, the more passion you show, the more this will transfer to your team.


4. Enabling

Obviously, no one wants to come to work to do an aimless task or to go home feeling like they haven’t achieved anything today. It is advised to put your team in a position where they can successfully achieve great results.

When people successfully achieve a milestone, it makes them feel valued, feeds their self-esteem and encourages them to achieve more. The more you can enable your team, give them the power to do on their own, removing all the roadblocks that prevent them being hitting the milestones, the more successful your team will be.


5. Empowerment

Along with enabling your project management team and removing all the obstructions, it is also important for a great leader to give your team the complete freedom to do their tasks in the way they feel most comfortable with.

Sadly, there are many businesses exist that stifle results and growth by restricting their employees to take any initiative, limiting them to senselessly follow the pathetic processes. On the other hand, companies that hold their teams responsible for results, and give them the freedom to determine the best way possible to solve the problem will get more success.

It is recommended to guide people what to do and they will come up with great results with innovation. When you give people empowerment, you increase their motivation, commitment and ownership - and it will increase overall business efficiency.


6. Encouragement

When your teams engaged and start producing great results, all you need is to encourage them to move forward until the project is completed. Praise and reward your team in public to boost their motivation levels. You also need to track the progress of each team member and encourage them to keep going to hit the project milestone.

For this, you have to take the time to monitor the performance of your team to check how far they have come. You can use a task management tool that allows you to organize all your tasks and track the progress and performance of every project and resource.


7. Execution

Great business leaders need to be role models for their team and able to work side-by-side with every resource. They need to show their leadership skills and the knowledge they possess to put together a business strategy and execute a plan that will lead to success. This will help build trust and give their team the feeling that they are working in the right direction and something that is worth doing.


Over to You

If you want to be a great leader, project manager, business owner or a boss, and want to achieve outstanding results, develop these traits and it will make you the best leader. It will simply increase your reputation, worth and skills and open up better opportunities for you.


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