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A Guide How To Identify Target Keywords For Your Website

A Guide How To Identify Target Keywords For Your Website

Unless you know which phrases you are targeting, you can not start to plan for a campaign, unless you first know who you're competing against and you are unable to estimate costs and returns.

1. Seed Keywords

Seed keywords are ground or base or foundation keywords for SEO. Modifier words not change or alter this sort of keywords the significance. The tail keywords are used to form changing the seed keywords.

Example: See the picture at a glance. "Keyword research" is a seed keyword that altered by various some modifiers, such as "tool", "analysis", "traffic" etc.

2. Generate Keyword Ideas

Keywords selection

The Keyword Planner in the AdWords web interface suggests thoughts that are keyword based on the website and your keywords. You can then retrieve historical statistics for keywords (Average CPC, Monthly Search Volume, etc.) to help you decide whether to use these keyword ideas or not.

Using the Search Based Keyword Tool offers suggestions based on the crawl data of Google. When you're logged into your AdWords account, you can also see your current query share (how frequently your ad is displayed for a search query). Search for keywords as they are likely not in your account where you do not have any share, and see if any of them are good keywords for your site.

When using data crawls, Google will also indicate landing pages for those keywords. Always be cautious of tools, occasionally those landing pages may not be the place.

3. Find Keywords of Your Competition

Competitor Keywords

Performing competitor keyword research is among the best ways to boost your search optimization game. If you can figure out the keywords of your competitor, you can use that insight to guide your SEO strategy and possibly gain a competitive edge in the search results:

  1. Steal your competitor's keywords to compete for positions in the same search results.
  2. Find and begin targeting keywords that have not been targeted by rivals.
  3. Discover terms used that you hadn't thought of yourself.
  4. Find out why your competitor's website ranks above yours for keywords that are broad.

4. Discover Long-Tail Keywords

Search Suggestions

There are several ways to understand what are the keywords people are using when searching to find the information online. Among the sources of this information is Google Keyword Planner. Unfortunately, it is a tool tailored to individuals that produce AdWords campaigns and in most cases will reveal next to none long tail keywords. The long tail keywords' source is search suggests:

5. Prioritize Keywords for Pages Optimization

TOP pages for keywords

There are a few ways to think about segmenting and prioritizing keywords. They should all be based on your company and your goals, rather than some random score spit out of a tool. Each search query has qualities - some tools report different volumes and even something as-is 2-3x swings at conversion rate simply by going from a singular.

Effective prioritization is the key bridge between "a spreadsheet full of numbers and strings" and "an ever-increasing flow of traffic and revenue from organic search". Through exploring their volume, competitiveness, and purchase intent, by prioritizing your keywords, you'll discover opportunities and structure your work.


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