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After the trap payment crisis: 70% 30% pay back the money a bottle of wine also arrived 10000

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After the trap payment crisis: 70% 30% pay back the money a bottle of wine also arrived 10000

Internet Finance Platform after factoring logo into cash crisis recently, on the morning of June 1 release wonderful announcement. Emergency financial situations can happen to anyone, and, as a rule, this happens at the most inopportune moment - the same day payout loans direct lender can help to deal with such problems. The facility in a public notice emblem first to admit into payment difficulties then gave investors two solutions. One program: From now twice a month, each time payment of 4%, to complete payment of the principal amount of 70% within one year. The remaining 30% stake in the company will use cash or drinks. Watching a program, you will choose Option II, right?

Option II is the investor’s account of all the funds allocated for the payment into drinks or equity ……

Emblem intermediation official website shows, Anhui day operation of the main financial Loan Advisory Services Limited (hereinafter referred to as “day Credit Finance”), located in Hefei, the company registered capital of 50.07 million Yuan, is a collection of e-commerce, venture capital, wealth management, P2P small micro-finance, credit risk assessment, public finance poverty alleviation service business in one integrated entity ecological financial institutions. The Business Information display, paid-in capital day financial loans only 10.08 million Yuan.

Own published data, platform display, registration number 19105 common platform, the total turnover of 2.445 billion, the first half of May the amount of income to be 230 million, and overdue 0 0 bad debts.

According to public information, financial advisory services Anhui days Credit Ltd. was established on February 17, 2013, now has an online brand logo facility, under the brand billion of the line.

In the company’s payment notice, appeared in Anhui Shu Long Wine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Long Shu wine”) inscribed and sealed, Long Shu wine official website also shows day loans to finance its affiliates.

Gold small whale Discover the two companies find business information, shareholders of both companies for the same person: the single shareholder Zhou Qin Hui facility was, Anhui Long Shu wine Limited shareholders were Zhou Qin and YANG Ting-ting, which have invested 24.8 million Yuan, Zhou Qin, YANG Ting-ting invested 1.2 million Yuan.

After the occurrence of overdue products, drinks and equity unified intend to honor, may have suspected since before the financial company.

It is worth mentioning that the day the loan is used to repay financial investment people wine on its official website a hefty price tag: the official price of their wine cellars series from 1196/9999 bottle/bottle range, This means that if a customer has invested 50,000 Yuan, the day financial loans may only intend to 5 bottles of wine.

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