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Apply Productivity and Creativity Simultaneously for a Startup’s Success

Apply Productivity and Creativity Simultaneously for a Startup’s Success

Launching a business with minimum capital and limited resources was next to impossible just 15-20 years ago. A lot of money was required just for the marketing aspect so that the people in the target market would know that your product or service actually exists. With the advent of the Internet and now through Social Media Channels, the dynamics of doing business has changed considerably. Now a product can be a hit within days if the marketing and correct target market is chosen.

I want to make one thing pretty clear that don’t get an impression from the above paragraph that launching a product is now a child’s play and with a viral video or two, your business will touch the sky. While there are exceptions, you still need a basic business plan and get adequate capital in order to start a business. While there are many other aspects and factors which I can discuss here, I will restrict this blog about the factors of productivity and creativity.

Boost your Chances of Survival in the Cutthroat Business World through Productivity and Creativity

It doesn’t matter whether your business is a startup or you have somewhat established is as a SME, you need to focus on the productivity aspect to make it grow. Through applying productivity in every facet, it will act as a solid base on which your whole business will stand tall. And through a little bit of creativity, your chances of survival in the long run gets increased considerably.

I know my readers will have a hard time understanding what I have just mentioned, so I will try to describe the topic in detail. Productivity, in essence, is the state or quality of producing something worthwhile and having some value too. Productivity is not something that a person or company can achieve overnight nor it is something that you can sustain without much effort. If you are running a business or trying to initiate in the form of a startup or SME, while focusing on productivity you need to maximize efficiency, deadlines and quality of results.

The Creativity Factor

When you will compare creativity with productivity, you will get quite contrasting results. For a creative person, there are no rules nor he doesn’t think of any time constraint as he is focused on thinking of new ideas. So it’s easy to say that productivity and creativity are poles apart but for the success of a business, you need both of the factors to work in your favor to keep your business running in the long run.

A creative person might think of applying some new techniques or start processes which he thinks that are in favor of his company. This can include a trendy website which he may find hard and get any website development services onboard to complete the process. This doesn’t mean that the person doing all such things isn’t creative enough but hiring a professional service in this regard is just to make sure his vision is brought to reality in the most convincing way.

Making both Productivity and Creativity Working in your Favor

If you want to understand the concept that I have discussed up till now in a sentence then here it goes. Productivity is required to take the concept at a high level and shaping it in any condition, whether ideal or not. But creativity assists in changing the vision even for concepts not deemed logical at first so that they can be used to alter the ways of working and enjoying the life for the users. That’s why creativity can give support in improving your productivity as without ideas that are out of the box it becomes impossible to product something exciting and new for your customers.

The lethal combo of productivity and creativity is in much demand. Apart from other factors, two reasons are most important; innovative work environment and secondly due to the life style these days which is fast paced to say the least. The combination looks impossible, but somehow it is possible. Let me give you 3 reasons how you can make it possible and make them work to your advantage.


One doesn’t have no idea when a truly innovative idea will hit your mind. It can happen when you are off from your work and relaxing at home. Unexpected things at unfamiliar location can also give you inspiration for a creative idea like no other.

Read as Much as you can

You can get some ideas by reading books, journals and magazines too. Read as much as you can and try to gather ideas by watching TV, interacting and connecting with people, etc. So it’s not just about reading newspapers or getting bored by going through textbook stuff. An inspiration can be around you and by reading regularly you can find ideas that you won’t able to find previously.

Periodically Change your Track

If you are finding it hard to find ideas concerning a topic, you must change the topic or your track to find the information in a different manner. Sticking to an ineffective idea is of no use, so recharge yourself by leaving behind the unproductive idea and search a fresh one.

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