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Best Career Tips from Top Executives

Best Career Tips from Top Executives

Top Executives Share Tips For Your Career

When looking for a job, changing career, having an interview or creating a resume, most people search for various kinds of advice from different sources. Getting a hint from the CEOs would be extremely helpful but unfortunately it is hardly possible to get. You’ve probably never had a chance to ask for the advice from the executive. But we’ve had! And now we are ready to share the best career tips with you.

1. Go for It!

Walter Robb, co-CEO of Whole Foods Market shared this piece of advice with us. He never forgets his mother's words when she told him to do what he wants and always have the courage to follow his dream. So, you should never be afraid of starting something new even if you do not have a plan to follow. You see the opportunity? Use it, and create a brand new deal. If you are really excited about something, hurry up until anyone else takes your place and imposes his rules.

2. Be Curious!

Susan Swain and Rob Kennedy, co-CEOs of C-SPAN, have a piece of smart advice, which states the following: be the worker who knows and respects your audience, meets the deadlines, knows what to say, listens attentively, and steadily explores new things.  If you have a positive attitude towards others, you will receive trust and respect.

3. Be Honest!

Jack Calhoun, global president of Banana Republic, encourages us to tell the truth. It is essential to know your strengths and weaknesses and be open to the world. No matter what your aim is - higher or lower positions, be honest with yourself when choosing a career path and with the recruiter when providing the application documents. If you want to get the executive resume from Resumarea, you may be sure about the trustworthy of the complete text.

And if we are talking about the interview, you should also be brave enough to make up your mind and express your opinion during the discussion. No lies, no glossing over, no overstating and underplaying.

4. Be Active!

Stephen Steinour, CEO, president and chairman of Huntington Bancshares Inc., advises to work from early morning till late evening, and moreover, to take the volunteer or additional job. On the firms and organizations, there are a lot of tasks to fulfill every day - do it. Most of us have great ideas, but not all of us are ready to implement them into real projects. Show your commitment to self- and professional development.

Do not be indifferent to other people's problems. Propose the decision, if you know it is right. Fix the process, if you are sure about your actions. Take the initiative to show your boss that you care about the business. Keep on acting in such a way to stay noticed and become more likely to be promoted.

5.  Admit Mistakes!

John Chambers, chairman CEO, Cisco, proves that it is okay to make mistakes and have them in your background. Every employer wants to know what to expect, so it is not a failure to tell you’ve once come up with poor results. When you claim that you did not ever fail, you lose your credibility automatically.

The issue is not only in being honest with the employer. There are some more important things: learning from your mistakes, making conclusions, and trying to avoid further defeats.

Bottom Line 

As it may be crucial for you to find common ground with the executives, understand that each needs an individual approach. You will never know how to treat them until you start behaving in a particular way. Respect the chain of command, and it will be easy.

Shortly, there is one reliable career tip every employer will appreciate - demonstrate your desire to be involved in the activity and always attempt to benefit the business. That is the secret!

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