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Boost Your Productivity With 6 Simple Tips

Boost Your Productivity With 6 Simple Tips

Productivity is the key to success, whether it’s productivity in your personal life or in the workplace - and in today’s ever-developing business world, it’s an absolute fact that the more productive you are, the further you will go in your career. Today we want to talk about six simple ways in which you can significantly increase your productivity and get more work done on a daily basis than you ever thought possible.

Make a Plan

A very small number of people can function on the principle of “making it up as we go along”. For the rest of us mortals, the only way to be truly productive is knowing what you have to do – and how you’re going to do it – before you even get to work. Making a simple plan ahead of time and sticking to it really helps, simply because you don’t have to waste time and energy on actually making it up on the spot, freeing up more of both for actually doing the work.

A Clean Workspace

You won’t believe how much of an impact this has. Various studies have proven that the cleaner your environment is, the more productive you will be. So, get rid of all that clutter on your desk before you get to work, and we guarantee you’ll notice a significant improvement.

Track Your Time

One of the biggest mishaps that can befall you when it comes to productivity is not knowing what amount of time it takes you to complete a certain task. In fact, just being aware that there’s a timer or deadline you’re working against can be a big help when you want to get something done on time. A free time-tracking tool such as Clockify can be a great help if you want to easily keep track of your time and get an idea of exactly how long you need to complete your work.

Short Breaks

Most people don’t know this but a lot of modern offices around the world are now built with so-called “napping quarters” that employees can use to take a breather or have a “power-nap” to regain their focus, and in doing so, boost their productivity in the long-run. If you’re not one for the occasional nap, simply taking a minute to stretch your legs and get some fresh air can be great for your brainpower when you’re feeling overly fatigued.

Keep it Simple

Believe it or not, it is actually possible to over-organize to a point where it actually hinders your productivity, so be careful not to fall into this trap when laying out your daily plan. The more complex a system is, the harder it is to maintain and follow on a daily basis, so keeping it as simple as possible while still staying organized is the best way to maintain optimum productivity.

Less Multitasking

It’s a scientific fact that humans aren’t actually capable of multitasking – rather, what we are capable of is automating actions so we’re doing them but not thinking about them (like tapping your fingers against a desk while talking on the phone), but this completely falls apart once you have two mentally challenging things to take care of at the same time. Learning to focus on a single task and taking care of them one by one is by far a superior method if you actually want to be productive.


As you can see, it’s really not that hard to be more efficient in the workplace, as long as you know what you’re doing and approach it with some common sense. We sincerely hope that this advice has been helpful, and if you have any tips of your own on how to be as productive as possible, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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