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Companies That Initiated Corporate Social Responsibility in South Africa

Companies That Initiated Corporate Social Responsibility in South Africa

There are many companies in South Africa which look beyond generating revenue from the country. These companies have taken a big step for the betterment of the place where they are doing business by having some social reforms and initiating what they call a ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ or CSR. They are under the belief that they have a corporate responsibility to improve the social and sociological condition of the country as a payback for the revenue the country generates for them day in and day out.

These Corporate Social Responsibility programs have been initiated by a number of companies at different levels in order to ensure the maximum empowerment of the employees and the people of the country in general while minimizing the environmental impacts on the outgrowth along with the adverse effects of setting up their businesses. They aim at developing an interpersonal relationship with the customers and the employees along with the employees in their individual work surroundings and the like. Some of the companies who have initiated the Corporate Social Responsibility in South Africa include:

  • Aon South Africa’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) program

This is one of the leading initiatives in South Africa which mainly revolves around developing a safer environment for vulnerable mothers and children by educating underprivileged children in primary, secondary as well as high school levels. Along with this, this program also promotes awareness for HIV Aids and tries to promote treatment for the people suffering from this disease.

Aon South Africa have many community programs which ensure that the employees participate in the community programs and interact with their peers in such a way that they have an overall grooming. 

The education of children and the illiterates is promoted so that it can generate employability in the later stages. They also organize various creative activities such as Knit-a-thon where the company promotes the creative skills of the employees worldwide and encourages them.

  • KPMG

KPMG International reports the Corporate Responsibility survey across the globe. Their reports bring into light the various hurdles any company has to go through in order make a good impression on the general public in terms of engaging with the stakeholders directly. They are able to gauge the cost of externalities and hence ensure that no or at least a minimal risk of investment takes place for the various businesses.

  • Granny’s Green Nursery for Grand West

This company might be a comparatively small company, its initiative for the social and environmental welfare is one of its kinds. It makes use of all the waste food from the hotels and kitchens and keeps them in sealed containers for about two months. The food is decomposed before being sent off to the worm farms. 

In the worm farms, the food is further decomposed and converted into bio-friendly compost. This bio-friendly compost is further used in the vegetable gardens of Grand West which in turn supplies organic vegetables and fruits to the kitchen for a safer and healthier life.

Furthermore, Grand West takes measures to conserve the flora and the fauna around. Grand West is also in CSI partnership with SHAWCO health clinic which ensures basic health needs for the underprivileged people of the communities in the villages. They also promote and implement energy saving technologies in the local areas and the surroundings to conserve energy. 

Grand West also promotes the School Renovation Program all over South Africa to improve the standard and the quality of education.

  • Atul Gupta’s Corporate Responsibility Initiative

Atul Gupta is one of the many popular names in South Africa. He is a business tycoon but with a heart. He is known to be one of the richest businessmen. He knows how to give back. He believes to have some responsibility for the country that provides him the riches. He takes initiatives to ensure that his employees get the best of everything. He makes opportunities to empower the minority groups and historically disadvantaged HDA people of the country. He is known for promoting the development of other small scale black entrepreneurs wholeheartedly. He along with the employees organizes sports development programs to bring about the other side of the individuals, takes up literacy initiatives, and organizes social and religious campaigns and the like.

Wrapping Up

There are many other companies which have taken different initiatives in the Corporate and Social Responsibility in South Africa. They are doing it well and doing it for the greater good. 

According to the South African Companies Act 61 of 1973, it is not compulsory for all companies to engage in some social or corporate welfare of the country as a whole, but the country’s policy documents definitely specify the need and the appropriateness of such social and corporate undertaking for the country and advice the companies to engage in it for a greater good. 

The companies mentioned above have been working together in their individual ways in order to make the most of what they are provided. They have realized that there is a need to pay back to the country not as much in cash, as in kind. Thus they are doing their best and in turn educating and empowering a number of individuals along with underprivileged citizens and making use of their skills effectively to promote the activity, charity and the overall performance of the company itself.


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