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Customer service: key to successful business

Customer service: key to successful business

I've noticed that customer service has changed and lost importance. Years ago we were made to memorize "customer is always right" now in many businesses the staff have forgotten that phrase. Well, the truth is customers make mistakes but so do the employees too. If the customer service isn't good, customers will change company for sure, that's why it's essential to ensure hight quality customer service.

It's important to ask feedback from customers because it tells you directly what your customers think. If they rate customer service low then immediate action needs to be taken. I don't mean firing employees but finding the problem that caused low performance in customer service. But how can you find the problem? It's simple, perform a survey where employees can tell what they think and suggestions. If there isn't effective communication between management and employees there will come problems that effect performance and quality. If there is need the company can provide training for the employees.

Keys to keeping customers engaged and satisfied are in short 
1) Provide premium service, treat customer like family.
2) Listen to customer.
3) Keep in contact with your customers afterwards too.
4) Ask feedback every now and then.
5) Communicate with employees and keep employee relations good.


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