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Design an interactive website following these strategies

Design an interactive website following these strategies

Strategies For Designing An interactive Website

While designing a website the most talked about factor is a responsive design. The question arises here is that do we actually design websites that have a diverse range of navigation and interface for users who have diverse needs or limitations? While designing or coding to cater to all sorts of users with various limitations, to increase the web accessibility and better navigation.

A general approach to browse is to navigate through tapping on the screen or using keyboard and a mouse. To enhance the access to users who are visually impaired or Specially Able, you design should have interfaces that could assimilate their way of usage. As these needs were quite frequently overlooked by the coders or designers especially those who do not face such people on a regular bases, a whole set of guidelines was developed by the name of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines providing complete instruction to bridge the barriers of limited internet usage.

Let’s discuss some of the most important once ,

Use ALT text

Over the internet visual content is preferred over lengthy texts. Generally, videos, infographics, and pictures are used to convey brand messages that create a hurdle for visually impaired people. Using Alt text will cut down this barrier for users who use screen readers while visiting various websites. The Alt text will explain them the pictures they are visiting.

Moreover, you need to describe the visuals in a proper and considerate way that comprehends the visuals while the screen reader reads them. The descriptions and captions given with the pictures should be comprehensive and informative to omit the limitations for visually impaired.

Create descriptive forms

Filling out forms on various websites is a common practice. Ensure that every form should have all the clause with descriptive label tag so that it is easier for the screen readers to read it and explain the exact requirements in the particular field. Certain aspects should be clear, such as it should be spacious, clear instructions should be given after each field is filled, the form has smooth navigation, and is easy to understand, it should be easy reset in case of wrong information put.

It should be logically organized

Smooth navigation doesn’t only depend on website design but also on the way the web copy and various sections have been organized. The sections and features should not be scattered or difficult to find.

Choose the colour scheme wisely

Colour schemes play an important role in any web design Dubai not only for screen readers but for regular users as well. You need to use colours that are attractive, and in accordance with the mood of the brand and the services and products that brand offers. Moreover, the text and background should be in contrast so that it is conveniently readable. There are many tools available also that help the designers to develop effective colour contrasts.

Clear typography

You can use various fonts and size to develop a certain look of the website but where the actual descriptions, specs or forms are given to ensure that the font is big enough to read and is in a style that distinguish a word from the other. Don’t use fonts with joint  letters. According to the WCAG guidelines, 1.5 line indent is ideal in a web design. If you are highlighting a point, make sure that its description is also given to help the screen reader explain it to the users.


When we talk about an interactive and responsive design, we tend to ignore the factors involved that could help people using the internet with certain disabilities. Your web design cannot fulfil the criteria of a good design unless it caters to a diverse range of users. Keep the requirements of various users in mind and design the website according the guidelines provided by WCAG

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