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Embrace The Failure As A Stepping Stone To Success

Embrace The Failure As A Stepping Stone To Success

If you have got success without failures, either you are lying about it or you don’t know what it is?

Most of us have a bad relationship with failure. And if you see it as an ending, it only proves that your ideas were not good enough to make it or your planning for the future was not well-focused. Let’s face the truth—failure is non-avoidable and happens to everyone. For those, who are acquainted with this harsh reality get success in future, and others remain unsuccessful without give it another try.
Actually, success also follows a strict criterion—it requires you to learn from your mistakes rather giving up on your despair and adversaries. Take it as a stepping stone to success, not as a setback or a step backward.

But there is a conundrum, how can someone take motivation from a sheer despair or failure, as it is actually a matter of grief? Here is the answer; failure is the sheer reflection of our limitations; and path of success and can only be opened after overcoming limitations. Only failures and hardships lead to the development of perseverance in you and prepare you to combat rather worse situations.

Failure is a Function of Trying

Are you aware of the most optimal parameter to measure your success? It is the number of setbacks and failures you had face and overcame with your firm determination. It is like if you haven’t failed yet, implies you are not trying that hard. It is the least possible thing that someone is interested in a thing and he/she is good at it since birth. So, if you are not good at something, then you have to fail at least a few times. To sum up with, take failure as an opportunity, not as deficit and loss, and don’t afraid to try once more.

Failure Builds Character

Failure is the biggest character builder than anything. So you have to test yourself frequently; learn from your failed attempts and build a character to overcome upcoming hurdles. Failure is just state of mind and character plays a very important to overpower this state of mind. If you carefully watch the whole course of journey leads to the path of success, then you notice many hurdles or failures act as motivators. Sometimes, success comes in small chunks, but that can add something substantial to your winning strategy.

Just like greats have something in common, all the true failures of life also possess some traits as well. True failures are easily recognized by their common inability to use failure as a tool to success. Feelings like despair, sinking, depression—when someone takes them as a failure, they lose their chance to evolve from them. Success is not about giving up on failure, it is how you recognize your defeat and plan for how you are going to compensate for it. Ask questions from your inner-conscience—

  • What are the reasons behind your failure? 
  • What are the most needed steps to give the next try?
  • Are my efforts were capable enough to suffice the purpose?
  • What can I include in my day to day strategies to emerge better?

Detach yourself from results

Failing doesn’t imply that you have screwed-up, neither it implies you are incapable; it only implies that your approach was not well-prepared or well-directed to achieve success; and anyways, these things can better turnaround with the experience. Always remember one thing, don’t try to imitate the strategies of others, because they respond to their work is completely different the way you respond. Everyone’s strategies, priorities, and goals are different, so make your own way and define success by your own parameters. 

Adopt the growth mindset

Brilliance is not an in-born thing; so to acquire brilliance at something takes continuous efforts and practice over a period of time. But how a growth mindset can benefit you? Actually, it nurtures the skills and qualities you require for the success. Just look at the growth mentality of children, they are not discouraged by failure and they do not think about failure, they just learn from it.

There are many stories that can be seen in real life—how some entrepreneurs by adopting the growth mindset got success despite many adversaries. Their goal, mindset, strategies were different, but they all the success at the end, as they have taken their failure as the chance to learn. We hereby a similar story with you that how an Indian family established their stronghold in business across the globe from a small Indian town.

Referring to Gupta family, which hailed from Saharanpur, a small Indian town, not commercially developed; dealing in soapstone powder. From there, one of the heirs, Atul Gupta came to South Africa in 1990 and established Sahara computers in 1993. Currently, Sahara has an annual turnover of about 22 million and employed about 10,000 people tentatively. Apart from this, they have expanded their business to mining, energy, air, travel, technology, and media as well.

Gupta family has always been considered outsiders, so remained at the receiving end of some established lobbies, especially the white media. But despite these all odds, their business ventures are on the paramount and still growing at an unprecedented rate.

So, if you want to reach the pinnacle of the success, ditch the idea that everything will happen exactly as seen in the fairytales. Embrace every hurdle and opposition and learn from these experiences. Remember, failure is an opportunity, not a burden. Be grateful for a chance to grow.


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