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Fakepreneurs And How They Waste Your Time

Fakepreneurs And How They Waste Your Time
Aug 05, 2017 Posted by Anders Östlund
There is one group of people out there, a rather large group, who brand themselves as entrepreneurs, always talk about their next start-up, attend every start-up meeting or conference and read every single sentence ever written about entrepreneurship and start-ups. When you meet them and share your ideas or plans in hope of a potential business partnership they are excellent at dissecting it, finding new angles, adding data to your plan or bringing in more people like themselves to the mix.

The problem is that many of these persons are fakepreneurs, they might or might not be aware of it themselves but they will never ever launch or become partners in a start-up. They simply don’t have the guts or lack the capacity to actually get something done other than dreaming, reading and talking about business ideas. If you come across a person like this you might waste a lot of your precious time and be mighty disappointed when the truth dawns on you.

The fakepreneur is hard to spot at first as they come with energy and optimism but if you have a quick look at their background, propose some real world activities you can most often call their bluff and leave them behind you. 


Anders Östlund

Founder of Fryday, An International Network Of Professionals

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