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Five Popular Stag Activities

Five Popular Stag Activities

So, your best mate has decided to tie the knot and the responsibility to organize stag celebrations lies wholly on you. Stag celebrations are the time when a bunch of friends gather to have some fun and serious male bonding. As a best man, you have to ensure that the would-be-groom enjoys his last night of freedom to the fullest. There are many activities you can do while celebrating the would-be-groom's last weekend of freedom. This piece of article brings for you some of the most popular stag night ideas to make this celebration a memorable and fun filled experience. AFL Sports News

1. Quad Biking:

It is a fantastic stag activity preferred by most of the stag groups. It generally lasts for a period of two hours. There are two different formats of quad biking you can opt for - challenging quad bike tracks and quad safari. These motor bikes vary from 100cc to 300 cc. So, if you are a bunch friends looking for adrenaline packed adventurous day, go for quad biking.

2. Go Karting

It is one of the most popular fun activities preferred by stag groups all over the world. What a wonderful way to spend your day than putting the pedal and race against the other staggers to win the race. Lengths of track vary upon the location and they usually last for thirty minutes. Compared to other sports, karting is much safer and easier. It offers unbelievable thrill and excitement just like a full sized auto racing.

3. Mud Wrestling

Watching girls fighting in a mud makes for a perfect stag weekend. What a better way to add fun to your entire celebrations. Even stag can join the fighting if he wants but just make sure you don't let him know this in advance.

4. Strippers:

To derive complete fun and entertainment from your stag celebrations make sure you arrange for a stripper. No matter what activities and dos you plan for your weekend, a visit to a strip club is a must. You can select from the several options available such as Fat O Grams or Strip O Grams.

5. Fishing:

Spending a quality time on a boat with friends make for a great celebration. You can hire a fishing charter boat for a day. Make sure to take beers along with you and spend the entire afternoon on the sea. Newsklic

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