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Fryday - Business, Expat, Networking And Nightlife Events!

Fryday - Business, Expat, Networking And Nightlife Events!


Fryday cheer diversity and strive to build local communities where the members represents many different professions and nationalities; where people of all ages are represented, where men and women make up one half each. Fryday believe the diversity of the community add value to the members as they will be presented ideas, information, values and contacts they would otherwise not acquire. Needless to say diversity also brings excitement, as there will always be new people with new ideas at the events.

Guests Focus

Fryday focus on adding value for the guests; there is no entertainment, music or other disruptions at the events but the guests can use all the time to communicate with each other and as all guests are internationally oriented, open minded, social, curious and professionals they have a lot to talk about and many ideas and perspectives to exchange. This focused format has been very successful and has lead to an ever-expanding community where every single event is unique.

In essence it’s the guests who decide how to use Fryday’s events and what take-aways they are interested in.

Flexible Format

Fryday’s format is very flexible; the guests can come and go as they please, bring friends or colleagues, no pre-registration is required and any event program can be followed or not as the guests please.

The flexible format has proven to be very popular among Fryday’s members as they can decide at the last minute whether to attend or not and adapt their presence to any other engagement they might have during the evening.


Professional and social networking is a core part of what Fryday provide for its members. Networking is a great opportunity to exchange real information, the tacit information that is hardly ever exchanged in written format or even by phone.

Meeting in real life is also the way to really get to know somebody; if you connected with somebody online you don’t really know much about whom that person is until you met in real life.

When you meet somebody repeatedly in real life that person will also remember you as the person who is from a certain place, has a certain skill or position before others. You will be top-of-mind for the other person in all areas that are related to you which us a very good position to be in if you have ambitions to get a new job or business contacts.

Local Base

Most of Fryday’s members are locals who have strong ties in the business community in the concerned city. The local base of Fryday’s communities is a great strength as locals are the ones who really know the ins and outs of a city and know what is going on – and what has been going on over the years. For expats moving to the city it is a great advantage to be able to meet locals who can guide them to what is what and who is who in their new city.


Fryday attracts large parts of the expat community in cites we are active in. Having expats as guests at the events adds an international flavour to the events; make it possible for the locals to gain an international network and is also good for the dynamic and diversity of the events as expats tend to be very active and new expats constantly arrive as others leave which provide a healthy addition of new members.


In any Fryday community business owners and executives make out a large part of the event guests, as networking is a very important part of any businessman’s life. Fryday even has a special concept to cater for professional networking, Fryday W, where networking is mixed with a short presentation, on a business related topic, provided by a senior member of Fryday’s community. Fryday W also has the advantage that it attracts corporate partners who has interests related to the topic, which in turn is a further advantage for the members who are interested in business with those companies.


For people interested in nightlife Fryday can serve as a perfect staging area for a night out. At Fryday you can meet your friends and meet new people in a nice setting and have time for some relaxed conversations before you move down town.

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