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Fryday Internship Program

Fryday Internship Program

What We Are Looking For

Since its inauguration in 2010 Fryday has developed a vast knowledge and experience in professional networking, community building, event management, event marketing, online marketing, business development, franchise development and other related areas.

Fryday has a very decentralized structure where the headquarter is in Stockholm, the back-office in Falun, Sweden; the development office in Kiev, Ukraine and the communities managed by Fryday’s Representatives in their respective cities across the world.

Fryday’s franchise organization is its core business. The Representatives apply for the rights to Fryday’s brand and system in a particular city and manage Fryday’s events there making money from entrance fees, corporate partnerships, online advertisement and more. Being a Fryday Representative is also an excellent way to gain experience from Fryday’s fields of expertise mentioned above. Developing Fryday’s franchise offer and the advantages of being a Fryday Representative is a very important part of Fryday’s activities.

Fryday is also continuously developing its business services that are targeted primarily towards small and medium sized businesses. These services are designed to ease online marketing and business administration for companies with limited in-house knowledge and resources.

Fryday wants an intern to be able to make a case for which one of Fryday’s areas she or he is interested in gaining experience and knowledge from. We want an intern who will be able to grasp Fryday’s business model, the core benefits to the franchisees and clients and will be able to properly analyze and add value to this model as Fryday believe that is the best way to gain knowledge from the fields Fryday is operating with and has its core competence in.

One of Fryday’s priorities is to expand to new markets while also gaining a larger market share on the markets it is already present in. For an intern at Fryday it will be imperative to learn and analyze how Fryday can continue to grow its business using its core competences as listed above to do so.


What Would an Intern Be Working On?

As a core part of Fryday’s team, its focus will be both on incorporating the right professional with complementary skills to the team and mentoring that person’s development in what will likely be a number of new skill-sets.

The knowledge and experience that an intern can develop with Fryday can be, depending on the intern’s particular interest:

  • Online marketing
  • Event management
  • Marketing
  • Franchise concept
  • Event concepts
  • Online services
  • Event marketing
  • Business processes
  • Webb analytics
  • Expansion and market penetration

The intern will take on a tailor made assignment within any of the above mentioned fields and will present the outcome of that assignment to Fryday at the end of the internship together with a summary of knowledge and experience gained during the internship.



Undergraduate - Junior

Superior analytical skills

Strong interpersonal skills and ability to articulate ideas

Solid communications skills, both written and oral

Strong work ethic

Enthusiastic, outgoing and achievement-oriented character


Firm Description

Fryday is an international network of cosmopolitan professionals.

Fryday launched in 2010 and has since expanded to more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia and North America.

Fryday is a private company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

Fryday has more than 150k registered members; they are mostly international minded professionals with a senior position, many own small and medium sized businesses.

A mix of nationalities and age groups with an even representation of men and women frequents Fryday’s events.

Fryday events typically don’t require any pre-registration, guests can arrive and leave when they please, bring guests or come alone and are not required to participate in any activities. The free format is a key feature of Fryday.

Fryday offers its guests a forum for networking with active, international professionals and that has been proven very attractive.

Fryday’s vision is to expand across the world while at the same time being loyal to the idea of local communities. Fryday is very keen to see Representatives succeed. Fryday’s events and the real meetings and real connections between people are central to Fryday and can never be replaced by an online world. The online world serves as a good support to the real world, not a replacement.

Fryday Afterwork is the end of the week free networking events typically starting in the early evening of Fridays in a down town venue. Come and meet interesting people in a very relaxed format.

Fryday W is a mid-week networking event with a theme and most often a specially invited speaker or panel who presents and discuss the theme for a short period followed by questions. Fryday W offers very good opportunities for business networking in a professional format. Fryday W is an open event and guests can come and go as they please. No pre-registration is required.

Fryday Good Morning is a thematic meeting for an exclusive group of senior businessmen and recommended for high level and personal connections. Fryday Good Morning offers a small group of selected guests to meet at a convenient time with great opportunity for personal interaction with an active host assisting with introductions and discussion topics.


Fryday Training is an event where Fryday offers trainings on topics or skills in demand by its members. Fryday Trainings has a set theme and most often Fryday has invited a specialist to conduct the training.

Application by email:

Deadline for applications: Annually on March 1st

Please include a resume and an application letter in PDF format clearly stating why you apply for an internship at Fryday, which of the above mentioned fields you are interested in learning more about and why Fryday should select you.  

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