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How to make 3000$-6000$ on blog in 2019

How to make 3000$-6000$ on blog in 2019

Although 2/3 of people start their blog with the main reason to make money, only 31% of bloggers get income from their site.

Bloggers fail to generate income because they focus on creating content only. They don’t take into account different market factors. If you start a blog to make a career and get profit, then treat it as a business. Making money through blogging is hard work. It requires that you not only create quality content but also build relationships with readers and make use of marketing strategies. So how to start earning via blogging?

Launching a blog

As a newcomer, you want to use a blogging platform that’s easy to navigate and customize. WordPress is free software that powers 60% of all blogs. It’s extremely popular because it allows building a website within minutes. Since it comes with no fee, you will only need to pay $14 per year for your website name and $7.99 for hosting. The platform has a list of recommended hosting providers that charge even less to make your blog go online. Don’t forget to design your website with WordPress themes. You can also customize and optimize it using the needed plugins to extend the functionality of the site: adding forums, contact pages, etc.

Selecting a blog niche

Choosing a blog niche related to your passion won’t necessarily make you money. You can write a gazillion of articles on the subjects that you are passionate about. But if the audience is not interested in these topics, you will earn nothing along with 69% of bloggers regardless of the content volume and quality. That’s why you should follow market trends that will help you determine a profitable field to operate in.

Do market research, examine how competitive the niche is and what’s the audience via Google Trends, Keyword Planner or Ahrefs. To make sure that the niche you have picked is lucrative enough, check how much money people spend to advertise the related products. Another factor to focus on is whether your target audience consists of individuals or businesses.

Content creation and posting

Valuable content is about solving relevant issues that your audience faces. There is no reason to write a host of blog posts if no one considers them useful. Instead, create 7-8 insightful problem-solution posts with statistics or infographics to drive the sharing process. They should be 2,250-2,500 words long and SEO-optimized.

Build the blog authority

This is the most tedious part of the process, but it will grow your blog. Collecting backlinks, increasing domain ranking scores, enhancing SEO, and improving organic traffic are the key factors of a profitable blog. Guest posting is also one of the tried-and-true techniques to achieve blog credibility. However, you should first determine what value you can provide with your post and why influencers should accept your offer.

Creating an email opt-in

As your blog starts gaining traffic, you should create an opt-in. If visitors love your posts, they will be eager to learn more. You have provided value to them, so they would like to know what else you can offer. The email opt-in makes it easy and clear. For you, this option helps to attract a highly-engaged audience that is interested in purchasing your products or services. Creating the email newsletter is an efficient way to convert your readers into buyers. What’s more, email marketing software like ConvertKit or MailChimp will help you generate more subscribers and potential buyers. You can make over $1,000 just from your email list.

Start making money

After increasing your blog credibility, you should work out the appropriate strategy and monetization methods. You need to choose a way that will allow you to generate profit with your blog straight away. Online courses, ad banners, product sales, and affiliate marketing require at least 2,000 visitors to bring revenue.

One-to-one consulting or coaching is what you can start with. Even without large traffic, you can find clients from day one and offer consulting services priced at $1,000 or more.

How to do it?

Write top-quality blog posts related to your consulting offer. Upon reading your content, a visitor will subscribe to your email newsletter to get a freebie. Set a lower price for the offer to build trust with the user. Create a well-thought-out welcome email featuring the story that will encourage the user to arrange a meeting with you. Now you have a client, who is ready to pay for your consulting services.

As your blog scales and your audience grows with the help of the above-mentioned practices, you can shift your focus to lower-priced monetization ways: affiliate marketing, product sales, online courses, sponsored posts.

Final thoughts

Blogging can be very lucrative if you treat it like a business. Choosing the right niche and following the market factors will maximize your potential revenue. Grow your domain authority via getting backlinks from credible sites. To make $3,000-$6,000 on a blog, you need to balance the low-priced and high-priced monetization strategies based on your site’s traffic volume. First, try to earn via high-end coaching or consulting. When your audience reaches the mark of 2,000 visitors, you can sell affiliate or proprietary products, hold online seminars, place online ads, etc. This approach will ensure a constant income of over $3,000 from your blogging career.

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