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Jobs For The Future | 2019

Jobs For The Future | 2019

Jobs For The Future | 2019, 2020, 2021

When preparing for future employment, you should take a look at the projections that will give you an idea of where the job market is expected to go in the coming decades. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics provides these assessments every two years so people on the verge of entering the job market can decide how to proceed with their education and training. 

The Labor Statistics' projections include everything from building skills like carpentry and plumbing to highly qualified professions such as law and medicine. It gives an outline of the best Vegas casino opportunities, projected needs in technical and service fields and more.

As always you should focus your education and training on areas in which you feel confident. Within those parameters you should prepare for the job market based on the projections of where the job market is heading.

US Bureau of Labor Statistics Report | Jobs For The Future

The projections are based on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics biennial report that forecasts where job growth is most likely to occur over the next 10 years.  When you combine those projections with estimates of those jobs' median annual earnings you'll find a good overview of the best jobs of the next decade.

The jobs listed are meant to be those that show the best potential for employment at an average or high salary.

Workers in the Agricultural Sector | Jobs For The Future

Individuals who plan, coordinate and direct the operation or management of ranches, farms, greenhouses, nurseries, aquacultural operations, timber tracts and other agricultural establishments can expect to find their skills in demand in the coming years. Over the next 10 years the BLS estimates that  almost 70,000 new positions will open up with an annual salary of over $66,000. 

Ranchers, farmers and other agricultural managers will be expected to have a high school diploma (or equivalent).

Physical Therapists | Jobs For The Future

As the population ages all types of health care workers will be in demand and one of the professions that will be most needed will be physical therapists. The BLS notes that "employment of physical therapists is predicted to grow 34% between 2014 and 2024, "much faster" than the average growth rate for all occupations."

Employment settings for physical therapists include acute care centers, independent outpatient orthopedic clinics, skilled care facilities, home health settings, rehabilitation centers/clinics and sports medicine clinics. It's projected that approximately 60,000 new physical therapy positions will open by 2026 with a median annual earnings of $85,400. Physical therapists need a bachelors degree plus a 2 year graduate degree in the field. 

Nurse Practitioners | Jobs For The Future

Another health care field that will be expanding in the coming years is the field of nurse practitioner. A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse (RN) who is trained to diagnose and treat illnesses. A nurse practitioner can  treat illness, administer physical exams and prescribe medications. NPs differ from physicians in that they focus on wellness, education and prevention.

There are 56,000 projected new positions over the course of the next decade. NPs will be earning approximately $100,000 by 2028. To qualify as a nurse practitioner you need a Masters Degree and you must pass a state board exam.

Computer Systems Analysts | Jobs For The Future

There will be an upsurge in job openings for technical workers in the next 10 years. One such position is a computer systems analyst. Computer systems analysts study an organization's current procedures and computer systems  and design information systems solutions that will help the organization operate more effectively and efficiently. They bring information technology (IT) and business together through an analysis of the needs and limitations of both.

Computer Systems Analysts can start work with a bachelors degree. It's estimated that there will be 53,000 new computer systems analyst positions in the coming years. Analysts make approximately $87,200 per year.

Sales Representatives for Wholesale and Manufacturing | Jobs For The Future

Sales reps for wholesalers and manufacturers represent these businesses to groups or individuals to whom they sell the wholesalers' or manufacturers' goods products or services. A sales rep works with the potential customers to find out what they need or want and then create the solution that will meet their needs. A sales rep wants to ensure a smooth sales process and works to find new sales leads through client referrals, business directories, etc. 

You don't  need anything more than a high school diploma, education wise, to work as a sales rep but you obviously need to be a self-starter and someone who can take the ball and run with it. If that describes you, check out this type of employment because there's a projected increase in new positions of over 80,000 positions over the next 10 years. Sales reps make approximately $57,100.

Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers and Drivers of Heavy Equipment | Jobs For The Future

Truck and heavy equipment drivers will be even more in demand in the next 10 years as more products and product will be shipped from one location to the other across the United States. The BLS projects that over 100,000 new positions will open up in this sector with annual salaries of $41,300. Firms will hire drivers with high school degrees but you have a better chance of getting the job if you have some post-secondary studies, even without a degree.

Elementary School Teachers | Jobs For The Future

Even though the senior population is the fastest expanding sector of the population, there will be work available in elementary schools as old teachers retire. Over the past 30 years, fewer and fewer college grads have gone into the field of education, leaving a serious lack of teachers for the new generation. 

The BLS estimates that there will be over 100,000 new elementary education jobs opening up over the next decade. Elementary school teachers need a bachelor's degree and can expect to earn approximately $55,800, depending on the location in which they're teaching and the type of school (public or private) in which they work.

Medical and Health Service Managers | Jobs For The Future

Medical and health services managers  plan, direct, and coordinate medical and health services. People who work in this field are also referred to as  healthcare executives or healthcare administrators. They might manage a specific clinical area or department, an entire facility or a medical practice for a group of physicians.

Their responsibilities may include ensuring that the health care organization is financially and operationally sound, partnering with physicians and nurses to ensure high quality of care, coordinating different types of care for a patient and even helping to manage personal issues.

Medical and health service managers typically earn upwards of $96,000 annually. They need a bachelor's degree. Close to 70,000 new health service manager positions are expected to open in the coming years.

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