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List Of Small Business Ideas For 2019 | Small Startup Ideas For 2019 | Business Plans For 2019 | Business Ideas That Require Little Money To Start

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List Of Small Business Ideas For 2019 | Small Startup Ideas For 2019 | Business Plans For 2019 | Business Ideas That Require Little Money To Start

List Of Small Business Ideas For 2019 That Require Little Or No Money


Writing books of any kind is basically a one-person job. The idea of a book, the concept, the research needed and the actual writing are normally done by one person – or at least it can easily be done by one person – and only after that the editors, proof readers, designers and other support specialists enter the stage to complete the work. Considering the above being an author can be considered a small business.

Beauty Specialist

Becoming a beauty therapist is something many persons dream of and the good news for the dreamers is that it is not all that hard. What an aspiring beauty therapist needs to do is to get a solid training in the field of beauty that is of interest, open an own salon or rent space in am existing beauty saloon, spend time visiting every office or other business in the area to promote the business and then make sure the clients are happy with the quality of the treatments while at the same time feeling good and relaxed while receiving it.

Convenience Store

Smallest of the smallest business ideas is the corner convenience store in any neighbourhood in the world. The basic business idea is to serve the immediate needs for groceries and other consumer products at any hour of the day. To succeed the owner must be reliable, have a good assortment and be willing to work very long hours.  

Correspondent - Freelance Journalist

The idea of the foreign correspondent as a person being on the frontier of world affairs, bringing crucial information to a mostly ignorant home audience while exposing him- or her-self to mortal danger has evaporated over the years as the world has shrunk and more and more people travel extensively and the number of media available for immediate news consumption grows by the day.

Nevertheless there are still an abundance of areas, both geographical and topical, that can be better served in terms of news coverage and analysis, which make the role of the freelancer journalist relevant also today. Just as with an author or artist the freelancer needs to build a name reputation, specialised knowledge, be willing to take risks and have a good dose of luck to succeed, but for the willing and daring there are plenty of opportunities.


One of the most classic fields of the single entrepreneur is to be a craftsman or handyman in general. Get a good training, deliver quality and work really hard, and a decent income will follow and so will the opportunity to grow the company with more employees.

Delicacy Store

Find a product that is exotic enough. Sell the product in a very nicely decorated shop. Make sure to charge very high prices.

Ethnic Fast Food

For any immigrant settling into a new country the fast food restaurant with rapid service, home delivery and good hours is a good business idea that, with hard work and a good attitude, can support a family. The successful fast food restaurant will of course also become a small fortune in itself and can even be developed into a chain of restaurants, something that will create a really big fortune for the owner.

Expert Academic - Consultant

If you are an academic scholar in a business related, or at least relevant, field you can make a living from being a consultant or expert in the public or private domain. Combining the role as a consultant with a position at a well-regarded academic institution is common career path among academics that do research on business and it can provide the individual with a very nice lifestyle.


Anybody with green fingers can sell his skills to companies and private persons who have gardens they want to improve. There is a never ending potential with regards to garden development and once you have a client in a neighbourhood that client’s neighbours will also want your services.

Jewel Manufacturing

Jewellery and beautiful artefacts were among the first items produced by humans and the need for status symbols appears to be never ending. Designing, producing and selling jewellery will thus remain a stabile source of income for the talented artist; even artists with less of brand recognition will most likely be able to make a living from it if the person has some stamina and willingness to take risks.

Luxury Handicraft

Humans craving for luxury are not only about jewels but also all types of other crafts. Everything from kitchen tools, car accessories and office supplies can be handmade and cater to the ever present need for status. Use your creativity or improve existing designs, make sure the product has great quality and build a brand reflecting your product and you are set to go.

Import And Sales Of Niche Products

Finding products not yet present on your home market, importing them and reselling them to local distributors is a business idea as old as business itself and can always provide a living for you if you are persistent and aware that all products you import will not become successes.

IT, Software And System Specialist

Being an expert on computers has long been a sought after knowledge, being an expert programmer and system developer has become even more sought after in recent years and there are absolutely no indications whatsoever that the trend is going anywhere else than straight up. Learn computers, software and system engineering and you are set for a brilliant career in a company or as a private entrepreneur. 

Salesman On Commission

Being able to sell is a rather rare gift. Even though it’s possible to train yourself in sales there are special character traits that make it easier to be a successful salesman. The capacity to handle rejection is one of the foremost talents needed together with great persistency – to never give up but to keep chasing clients and building a pipeline. A capable salesman can get contracts for commission sales for a multitude of products and services, and the more expensive these products and services are the more money the salesman will be able to make while at the same time enjoying great freedom and work flexibility. Eventually the pipeline and connections built will become a database of potential clients that are possible to use for all kinds of business ventures.


As businesses become more and more refined and globalise the demand for talent become harder and harder to satisfy. This development means there are great opportunities for headhunters who have great networks within business and talented professionals. The capacity to serve business’ need for top professionals can be a gold mine and a perfect small business for somebody with people skills and endurance.

Specialty Shop

Anything special at high prices will always find a market and the more special and expensive the better the forecasts for profits and success.


With advancement of civilisation in general and business in particular the need for training and competence development keep growing and thus the demand for specialised trainers also grow which presents an opportunity for trainers with specific skills and the capacity to communicate these skills in a way that make it possible for others to make use of the skills. Training and education is a good field for somebody who is a good communicator, is willing to take on risk and can succeed with self-promotion. 



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