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Magento 1 vs Magento 2: Switching & Comparison [Infographic]

Magento 1 vs Magento 2: Switching & Comparison [Infographic]

As Magento gets closer and closer to dominating the entire ecommerce industry, new updates after the release of  Magento 2.0 have given birth to questions within the Magento community. The new version is fully equipped with a number of features that many users craved for in the olden times. But now that these features are finally available, users have begun to question if the migration is worth the trouble or not. In this infographic team FME has compiled valuable data on Magento 2 platform to convince you otherwise.

To give you an idea on what we are talking about, we will share some important statistics on the greatest improvement Magento 2 has made in its performance, and that is Speed. Speed was among the primary issues that raised flags in the older versions that. It was addressed with the same gravity form both merchants and customers alike. For the customers it took unnecessary time to load pages, produced delays in browsing and even lagged on checkout process between rainy days. For the merchants it was more devastating for the obvious reasons. Bad speed resulted in mal user experience which consequently affected the conversions and revenues of the Magento store.

Adding all these issues into the equation, Magento finally developed a faster version through superior coding and user friendly design that could take on the speed requirement of today and future era’s customer. Magento 2 can load pages 50% faster and perform checkout 38% faster. This allowed the new version to reach page loading speed of 2 seconds at max. With a more reliable and enhanced modular structure, Magento can now take on 117% more orders compared to Magento 1x. It is now capable of handling 2.1 million more page views, making it more adaptive to user loads than it was ever before. To learn more, see the infographic below compiled & designed by FMEextensions -  a Magento eCommerce development firm.


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