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Online Networking, Sales and Promotion with LinkedIn!

Online Networking, Sales and Promotion with LinkedIn!

  1. Decide why you are on LinkedIn
    To get a job?
    To find business partners for your start-up?
    To find clients?
    To recruit talent?
    To promote yourself as an expert?
  2. Beef up your presence
    To be successful on LinkedIn it is important that your profile is up to date, complete and appealing. The title line should be interesting as well as containing relevant keywords. Always adapt your style and language to your intended target audience.

    ​Always have your name only in the name fields and write it in the way you want people to address you. Don’t call yourself William if you are always referred to as Bill for example, not all people are familiar with the name shortenings in other languages and cultures. Chose a good and professional photo. Chose a personal url matching your name. Use the right keywords to always be found in searches.
  3. Be transparent
    Share your full CV and accomplishments. Leaving information out will immediately raise questions about your background and trustworthiness. Never lie or exaggerate.
  4. Start in Safe Territory
    Start by connecting with people you already know. Connect your email account to LinkedIn to find people you know who are already on LinkedIn.
  5. Focus
    To find people in industries, places and professions you are interested in, use the search function and focus on people that are linked to you through your contacts and people that you believe you can add value to by connecting with them.
  6. Be Relevant 
    When sending connection requests to people you don’t know well it is very important you write a personal message where you clearly why you want to connect and what you have to offer. Keep in mind that many people get a lot of connection requests and they are not likely to accept your request unless they understand what value you will add.
  7. Be Active and Always Add Value
    Another key feature of your path to success on LinkedIn is to use your status field to share opinions and information you have some authority in, but even more important is to share material that can be of value for your connections. 

    Try to imagine what things you have good knowledge in or information you have access to that will be of benefit to your connections and they are likely to respond positively and to put a higher value on their connection with you.

    By keeping up a value adding approach you will establish yourself as a trusted and important connection and other people are thus more likely to reach out to you for advise, job offers, suggesting business partnerships and other things. Join groups and be active there. Comment on other peoples statements. Never spam.
  8. Add Channels 
    Create a Corporate Profile, start one or several groups and use those channels to further your reach on LinkedIn. Continue your relevant and value adding approach and you will surely be successful and get great value out of your online networking.

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