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Repurpose Wooden Jewelry

Repurpose Wooden Jewelry

Regardless of how much we love a piece of jewellery, there comes a time when we are just over it.  While you can repurpose any jewellery, here are some ideas that work especially well with wooden jewellery.  Because it is fairly easy to sand, drill, paint and glue wood, repurposing this form of jewellery is less difficult than metal or stones. Before you do anything, you will need to clean any of the pieces you are ready to lose.  Wash them in the bowl of hot soapy water.  For pieces that you intend to keep, don’t soak them; but, for those you are definitely willing to forget it won’t matter.  You can even scrub them with an old toothbrush. 


After all the pieces are clean, lay them out on a towel to dry for the 72-hours minimum. After that, you can paint each piece in any colour of your choice.  Spray paints come in metallic colours, sandstone finishes, and flat or glossy. Glue decorative paper or paper napkins over the wood for artistic prints.  Glue 26-gauge wire around wooden beads or in the creases of wooden figures.  Allow your children to dip their fingers in watercolour paints and make prints on individual beads or disks.  Seal the paints with a spray sealer. 


Once you have changed the appearance of the jewellery, you need to assemble it in another form.  String the beads on wire or cotton string in any configuration that strikes your fancy.   Wrap the strings around an old jar or vase starting at the bottom.  Glue each round as you go.  Glue the strings or individual pieces onto wooden or plastic frames.  Using a plastic lid from a jar or coffee container, glue wooden jewellery pieces or strings inside the lid for hot pads.  You can also glue or sew the wooden pieces onto felt to make wall art.  

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