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Should A Business Idea Be Kept A Secret?

Should A Business Idea Be Kept A Secret?
Aug 05, 2017 Posted by Anders Östlund
It is not a good idea to keep a business idea a secret. You need others input and your way of executing will make it very hard to copy your idea anyway. If this were not true there would almost never be any new ideas.

Secrecy is an often-discussed topic related to start-ups. Many aspiring entrepreneurs are dead afraid to share any information about their precious business idea with anybody out of fear that their brilliance will immediately be taken advantage and their plans will be put into action by other, evil, people.

In reality most people and companies couldn’t care less about you and your idea as long as you haven’t reached a single milestone or – crucially – communicated the idea to anybody. You need to share your idea with people to get their input and resources to launch and become a successful entrepreneur. Certainly you don’t need to blast out information about your most important methods, partnerships or coming launches but there will always be people who need to know where you are as they are stakeholders in your company and you need them. Without stakeholders there is no company after all. 


Anders Östlund

Founder of Fryday, An International Network Of Professionals

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