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Things You Must Know Before Travelling To the USA

Things You Must Know Before Travelling To the USA

The US country code is 011. The 8 things you should know before travelling to the USA are as follows:

For international calls, please dial International Code (011 in the US) and then call 61 (Australian country code). Then select the area code and the local user number you want to contact. For example, if you need to call Sydney in New South Wales, call 011-61-2-xxxx-xxxx.

For domestic calls, you must dial 0 before the area code. For example, if you want to call Sydney from Brisbane, call 02-XXXx-xxxx. For a local call within the local code, dial only 8 digit location numbers. If you need a mobile phone in Australia, dial a number like landline number. The only difference is that instead of the mobile number area codes, use "4". Just call an Australian mobile phone from the United States, dial 011-61-4-xxxx-XXXx. If you want to call Australia from mobile you must enter 0 before the local code 4.

The United States is big - 3.8 million square miles

From the point of view of the time of flight: It takes about the same time from New York to Los Angeles or London - one hour. The regional differences in the US include accents, food, drink, law and politics. Not surprisingly, one of the most popular features of the New York Times is pronunciation.

Everything is open around the clock, if you know where to look

Hungry business activities make sure you realize that the 24/7 Alliance is ready to meet your needs: Slurpee at 2am, Double Pounder at 3am and Venti at 5am, especially with five espresso and caramel drizzle It is in a big city. If you're traveling in smaller towns and rural areas, you'll need to schedule an earlier closing time or look for a strange 24-hour bistro.

The national park of the country is spectacular

The national parks in the United States total 84 million acres, which is probably the most advanced: the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere (California Death Valley), the highest point in North America (McKinley Hill, Denali National Park, Alaska); the longest cave system (Kremlin Cave National Park, Kentucky) and the world's largest gull dune (White Sands National Monument, New Mexico).

There is a festival that offers everything

Street killing, fungal attack, garlic - just like you From the Chainsaw Carving Festival (Pennsylvania) to the Testicle Festival (Montana), the US is a strange and wonderful holiday destination. In the heart of the heart, the state fairs are a brand of their own, where you can taste almost all fried foods: Twinkies, butter, pig ears, white castle burger, chewing gum, Kool Aid and beer.

Americans are very friendly

However, this can be a form of communication, not a personality trait. When it comes to small tricks, the Americans generously gave them Formal. Tips are absolutely voluntary. Informal: Given the low minimum wage, the restaurant's standard is 15% to 20%, and tipping makes up for it. Not only does fast food still dominate in most cooking areas, it also awakens intellectual impulses such as oversize. American working enthusiasm is the same the United States has always been one of the most active countries. San Francisco and New York often rank first in the list of Michelin stars. Celebrity chefs compete with the royal family of Hollywood, Mario Batali, Wolfgang Puck and Anthony Great names like Bourdain and Rachael Ray have created a multi-media empire with dozens of restaurants, books, TV shows, movies and more.

Regional stereotypes abound

The study divides the United States into three key regions: New England and the Mid-Atlantic states known as "spirited and unrestricted," the South and Midwest as "friendly and traditional," the West Coast and the Rocky Mountains, and the Sunbelt relaxed and creative. The east coast and west coast have attracted much attention, but the wavy interior of the United States covers ocean-like farmland. In some cases it is called "flying over the country".

The United States does not use an excellent logical measuring system like the rest of the world

Height in feet, football field in the yard, distance in miles. Although, according to the CIA website, "the use of metrics has been sanctioned by US law since 1866," it can at least be said that its use was slow. The United States is not quite lonely: the other two countries (Myanmar and Liberia) do not use the metric system.

American car culture is unprecedented

After throttling the highway, the wind in the air and the road behind are wrapped around the belt. Although the country's car culture has declined since the 1950s and the Mustang era in the 1960s, cars are still the dominant force in transportation Born to be Wild, Pink Cadillac and so on.

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