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Top 10 Best Life-Changing VR Apps

Top 10 Best Life-Changing VR Apps

The Google Play Store and iTunes are the best places to find plenty of VR apps. Even Google has dedicated VR app store for its Daydream VR headset that works with Android devices.


Within that also got popularity as VRSE is a destination for an entertaining, innovative and informative story based augmented and virtual reality. This app will take you further inside the environment from gripping tales of pure imagination to documentaries of the real world. It brings together the immersive VR experiences from the real VR creators of the world. It works seamlessly with Google Cardboard and its certified viewers. It also works on a smartphone without the need of viewer and makes the device a magic window to experience 360 degrees VR.

Star Chart

Star Chart is a top education and VR astronomy app. Having installed this app on your smartphone is just like having virtual star chart in the pocket. This app lets its users look through the eyes of their smartphones to see a high tech window into the whole visible universe. After installing the app, the users only need to point their AR-enabled device at the sky, and this app will tell them exactly what they are looking at. The app uses the GPS technology, 3D simulation, and technical wizardry to calculate the location of every planet, moon, and stars visible from Earth and shows precisely where they are.


Stands for The New York Times VR, NYT VR is an app through which The New York Times wants to put its users at the center of the stories. NYT VR aims to deliver the stories in virtual reality environment that their readers have never encountered before. It is the best way to experience the immersive VR technology to watch the VR files of NYT VR with Google Cardboard. In case you don’t have that one then you can use your smartphone as well to watch the VR stories. NYT VR gives the option of streaming and downloading the films as well.


Bravemind is best in the class clinical and interactive VR app based exposure therapy tool for assessing and treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The assessment and treatment of PTSD is a major concern to the military because stressful experiences in today’s war-fighting environments have resulted in a significant number of soldiers returning from deployment being at risk for developing PTSD. This VR app was developed to cater the challenge of emergency aid by offering means to overcome the natural avoidance tendency of trauma sufferers.


Orbulus works seamlessly with Google Cardboard, but in case you do not have that device then you can use your smartphone only for this VR app to work. In this app, you only control things just by looking at them. This newly launched VR app contains old locations with the ability to stand on Mars to visiting the Salt Flats or chill looking at the Northern Lights. It is one of the more convincing applications for VR is to give us a new perspective on real-world places we can’t visit in person. It’s a gallery of images created using Google’s Photo Sphere technology from some of the most famous tourist hotspots across the globe.

Public Speaking VR

This one of the best virtual speech apps will help you practice your public speaking, interview skills, networking, and mindfulness, by providing photo-realistic virtual reality environments to train in. This simple but highly professional VR app works with all VR headsets such as Merge VR and Google Cardboard, but you can use it without the requirement of devices by simply using your smartphone. It is designed for high-quality environments & audience and contains various photo-realistic environments, including large and small conference rooms, as well as realistic audiences.

Jaunt VR

This VR app is for experiencing the widest array of premium cinematic virtual reality experiences. Whether on stage with Paul McCartney, exploring the farthest reaches of the globe with ABC News, or base jumping off of the cliffs in Moab, Jaunt VR delivers breathtaking cinematic VR experiences anytime, anywhere. Employing 360-degree stereoscopic imagery with directional audio, Jaunt provides audiences with unparalleled access to premier experiences in ways otherwise impossible. Jaunt VR give a sense of 'presence' a feeling as if you are in the flesh.


Use this unique VR app and let 3D augmented reality take your coloring to the next level. This VR app lets its users bring the color pages to life then sit back and get ready to marvel at their creation springs from the page. Coloring pages have never been so much fun! The Quiver App combines physical coloring with state of the art AR and VR technology to bring you and your children an extraordinary experience. Quiver is free for personal use only. Commercial use is not permitted without prior consent from QuiverVision.


Imagine a world where students and professional could remember almost everything from what they learn. Unimersiv’s VR app is the largest platform for VR educational content; it is available on the major VR headsets and is being frequently updated to include more VR educational content in its library. This VR app helps your organization achieve faster growth by arming employees with hands-on experience instead of just theory that needs to be refined with trial and error in the field.


InCell is an action and racing VR game with a lot of strategy and science thrown into the mix. You will take an exciting journey inside the highly unusual micro world of human cell and stop the virus advance. Getting closer to understanding cell structure and organelles functions you will be able to improve your skills and will have a chance to impress completely suspicious The Most Excellent Assistant Robot Zero-Seven. InCell is a perfect opportunity to test your VR device and learn more about cell microstructure, different organelles and their roles in cell vital activity.

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