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Top 10 Event Management Tips

Top 10 Event Management Tips

  1. Make sure you have a good core objective with your event. Make sure you are clear about why people would be interested in coming. What is the main attraction? What take-away will people associate your invitation with? What will make them enjoy the event? What are the key benefits they will be able to take home?
  2. Make sure you have a good venue and never underestimate the importance of a reliable contact with a venue representative who will be present at your event and have the authority to make decisions on behalf of the venue.  You are in a good position to negotiate fees with the venue, as you will most likely bring business as well as making good marketing for them.
  3. Put together a competent and reliable event team. You will probably have many tasks that needs attention before, during and after the event and you will want to have professionals managing these tasks. Make sure each team member has a proper work description and a contract so you can avoid any misunderstandings and post-event disputes over payments etc.
  4. Outline the key objectives and reasons in your invitation. Try to think as the presumptive guest and understand what would make them trigger on your invitation and sign-up to your event. This is not the same as the event objective as the objective focus on benefits from being a participant and the invitation focus on getting participants to sign up.
  5. Event marketing is a numbers game. You have to reach a certain amount of people, have a certain percent trigger and a certain percent signing-up and out of that group maybe half will actually show up. I have written another article about understanding and executing online marketing, as it is a pivotal part of successful event marketing.

  6. Follow up your agreement with the venue and your event team. Make checklists for every process and task related to your event so you can communicate your expectations to the venue, your team and other partners.
  7. Revisit the venue and communicate the event details again. Keeping an eye on the details is what will make the event a success or not. Preferably you should bring your team along for the revisit as it is good for them to familiarize themselves with the venue and depending on their tasks they might have very useful input on layout, equipment needed etc.
  8. Event Marketing Adjustment. Some time, which of course differs if you start marketing longer or shorter before the event, after you launched your marketing campaign you should take some time to analyze the results so far. Most likely you will find some channels to be more successful than others and be able to decide where to push harder and what channels to leave behind. Always remember that a sign up to your event, even with a payment, does not equal somebody actually showing up.
  9. Execute the event. Make sure you deliver on the expectations you have identified as the core reasons why people will want to attend your event.
  10. Post-Event follow up. After you have executed your event it is very important you reconnect with your guests, send them thank you notes and use a survey to find out what how they perceived the event. These results together with your own experience from the event should be properly analyzed making sure you can draw correct conclusions and learn how to improve.

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