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Top 10 Online Marketing Tips

Top 10 Online Marketing Tips

  1. Content is key to success. Creating content based on your every day activities is a good way to proceed. Most likely your every day activities reflect the value you add to your clients and correctly documented and recorded it makes an interesting story to tell. Just think about all the drama documentaries broadcasted on TV for example.  
  2. Choosing channels is a challenge but by having many channels you can lower the risk of missing out on good new channels as well as the potential risk of choosing bad channels or channels that used to be good but that have lost value due to changes in the market place. Think about the decline of MySpace for example, or the rise of Instagram. Some online marketing channels are social media – free or paid for, email campaigns, organic search engine traffic, paid for search engine advertisement, paid for advertisement in traditional online media and sponsored content.
  3. Videos and photos are very important components of any online campaign. Video, photo, text and graphics appeal differently to different users and work better or worse depending on which channel you use. Also, a mixed content is by itself a good idea as it eases up the visual impression of the pages you market. 
  4. Location targeting must be considered in every online effort. You don’t want to waste money on locations that are outside your delivery perimeter or on jurisdictions where you lack the know-how or legal opportunity to take on clients.
  5. Demographic is another key factor. Don’t target young people when you are selling retirement community condos.
  6. Be careful when you choose the time of the day and day of the week. My personal experience is that most people make purchases during office hours but this might be different for other types of businesses. If you target several time zones the time and day become even more important to factor in. Experiment with your ads and channels to find out what time and day is optimal for you. One thing is a certainty though; there are differences in behaviors depending on what you sell, to whom, where and when.
  7. More than half of all internet traffic now comes from mobile devices and that might require adaptation of your formats and might also require content adaptation as people are more likely to be on the move when they see your ad if they use a mobile device and the screens the users have are very different in size compared to some years ago when most people used a lap-top or a desk-top.
  8. Creativity; don’t be afraid to try new styles and play with the content. When you elaborate and try something new you have great opportunities to learn about your audience’s preferences, what grabs their attention and how they react to it. If you don’t use creativity you are more likely to get stuck with an average result following.  
  9. Technical skills are relevant as they are needed to properly implement search engine optimization and to also to produce video, photos and other graphics needed for ads. These skills are not on a highly sophisticated level though and are also not hard to source from media agencies.
  10. Use your social skills and try to think as your target audience thinks. Get under their skin by making a proper and continuous analysis of their interaction with your digital marketing efforts.

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