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Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips!

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips!

  1. Content. What do you have that can be shared? Surely your company has a story to tell. How do you work? How do you care for your customers? How is a day at the office? What are your plans for the future? Coming products and services? Share these stories!
  2. Select social media platforms. The more the better, you cannot know which ones will be successful in advance and there is no way to predict which social media will be the new super-success among users.
  3. Analyze your content, its success and the successes of the platforms you use. What content worked best? Reuse it and create similar content. Try to understand why that content worked so well. Which ones are great when you use their free services, which ones are great when you pay for advertisement?
  4. Conclude and adapt your content and the platforms you use. Your content, your style, the platforms you use and the trends with regards to social media will all have a great impact on your success.
  5. Establish routines. Set processes, schedule and routines will make you more efficient and then you will eventually get more business for less effort.
  6. Experiment. Despite having a solid routine you should add some effort to play with your content and try to present it differently in existing and new platforms.
  7. Use different media. Photos, video, info-graphics and text can surely be mixed in a new way.
  8. Style and level. Also your style can be mixed and adapted. Is an academic approach the right way to go or should you use humor?
  9. Different media, different approach. What works on Instagram might not work on LinkedIn. Different social media has different demographics.
  10. Increase your reach. Add new users, invite new people, collect email addresses and use them to invite people to follow you on social media.

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