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Top-10 Tips for Event Marketing!

Top-10 Tips for Event Marketing!

Define your message and stay focused on your unique selling points
There are a lot of options in attracting people to your event. Stay focused on your target audience and stay very clear about what people will be taking away after attending your event. Utilizing all the tools at your disposal correctly can lead your next event to a being a big success!

Organize meetings with persons who know many people and make a strong and trustworthy impression. If they like you and the idea behind your event they are likely to consider coming and also to mention your event to other people they know.

Bloggers, Social Media Stars and Socialites
Connect with persons who have a great social reach on- and off-line. These people might be involved in many social and business networks, be socialites in their own right, and be locally well-known bloggers or social media stars. Having them supporting your event by sharing your information and joining the event will have a great positive impact on the number of guests you can attract.

Landing Page
Creating a landing page just for the event is a good way to add extra exposure but also to be able to track analytics specifically for the event.  Add a unique value proposition to your event as to what the audience will be gaining out of attending that is clear and highly visible. Explain why they should attend but let them know that something unique and different will be available such as the entire event being recorded and streamed in 360 Video or a that a raffle will take place. Never forget to have a very visible ‘call to action’, a form or sign-up funnel on your landing page where guests can register for the event. That will increase the value of your landing page significantly.

Paid for Internet traffic and Online Advertisement
Search engines, social media, mass media, bloggers and many other websites offer paid for internet traffic. Some well-known providers of paid for web traffic are Google and Facebook. Paid for traffic directed to your landing page can do wonders for your event marketing and the paid for advertisement is usually very easy to set-up in the providers system and mostly the service can be paid online with a credit card.

Social Media

You want to create an event page on Facebook and invite your target audience.  Make sure to use a cover photo that has some of the information on it right away since this is what pops up on their feed when they receive the event. Have the option for the event to be open and public so people can see the event easily and be able to invite their own friends. Fill out as much information on the page as necessary like event time, place, date and other relevant information. Don’t forget to also have an email or contact link if anybody wants to ask a question. Using promoted posts to boost your event page is also a great way to target who you want to reach by age, interests, likes, etc

Creating an appropriate event hash tag specific to the event is a great way to establish buzz and keep people engaged. This is also a great way to connect with more people that have attended your event and follow up after the event how well the tag was used.

Just as Twitter thrives off of hash-tags so does Instagram, but with a heavier focus on the visual narrative. Instagram has the ability to not only share photos but also videos, putting out visuals are a great way to create a buzz for your event. Holding a contest with a prize is also a great way to get attention and build more excitement about the event.

Often overlooked, creating an event page on EventBrite allows attendees to purchase tickets before hand.  Make sure you add all the details relating to the event on the page. What’s great about EventBrite is that you can also share the page to all your social media channels and add it to any emails as well.

Use and create a group, share statuses on your personal and company profile, send personal messages to your connections.

Create or join a MeetUp group for or related to your event. You are surely going to find people there interested in exactly what your event cover.

Email Marketing
It’s not dead! Email marketing is an effective way to promote your event but it’s only as strong as your lists. You need to have your list created by organic opt-ins that can be gathered by previous event attendees or people that have signed up through a good content marketing strategy. Five to six weeks before your event is a good time to start sending out emails to your lists. As you get closer to the event start ramping up the drive to registration to attend.

Word of Mouth
When you produce events continuously you benefit strongly from gathering good contact information from your previous event guests etc. Make sure to produce high quality events and make an excellent impression so that guests will talk positively about you and your event, if they do they are highly likely to come back and also to bring their friends.

Print Media
Either create a flyer yourself or hire a graphic designer to make an eye catching one with all the event information included on it. After getting your flyers start hitting the pavement! When you speak to business owners, tell them about your event and offer them an incentive like a discount or VIP status to be able to leave flyers at their place of business.  Get creative about where you promote, chose locations you believe have a lot of people fitting your target audience.

Local Media – Send press releases
Working with your local news establishments is an excellent way to further get people interested in attending your event. Often you can pay to advertise with them but a great way to go around this is to pitch them a story.  If you can attach your event to a local non-profit business or donate a portion of your earnings to a good cause and make it a story worth writing about then they usually will be happy to run a piece about your event.

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