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Top 13 Web Analytics Tips!

Top 13 Web Analytics Tips!

  1. Landing page – a dedicated page for each product or service. The more specific you can be the better it is for the user – and also for search engines that will hopefully also pick up your page and the message on it.
  2. Have a clear message on the landing page that specify exactly why your service or product is relevant and what action the user should take to gain access to this service or product.
  3. Good text that use very relevant keywords. Keep in mind that for search engines the users might use language that is not fitting your service exactly but still indicate interest for it. For example ‘visit Spain’ could also mean that the user is interested in visiting neighboring country Portugal.
  4. Graphics. Photos and videos of your product or service are most often easier to understand than text and users often need less time to absorb them.
  5. Links to more information on other landing pages. Many users will always want more information about your product or service and you will most likely not be able to include all relevant information on your first landing page, as it would not be user friendly and too long.
  6. Highly visible call to action. Your sign-up, buy or register form needs to be very visible on your landing page or users might not see it and if they cannot find it you will not be able to catch their business.
  7. Time. If the users will not be able to understand how you can be useful for them they will quickly move on to another site. How often do we not close windows almost immediately when we don’t understand what the page is all about?
  8. Social sign-up. Let’s face it; there are companies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn that has an enormous amount of users that have already created profiles there. Making it possible for these users to log sign-up with those profiles makes it easier for them and that makes it more likely they will sign-up on your site.
  9. Few steps to complete registration and payment. This is obvious but still not properly implemented by many sites. Focus on what is most important for you. Don’t ask for users profession or income if you are selling something. Make it easy for the users to reach the final goal of your sales funnel. 
  10. Trust-creating information like postal address, contact information, company registration number etc. If the users suspect your company is not serious or even a real company they might run for cover.
  11. Easy to access customer service. Some users will always have questions you have not answered or cannot find the answers to questions you have actually answered. By making it easy to contact you the chance is they will also proceed with their purchase. Being available also increase trust in your company. Chat windows, email, phone number etc are examples of how you can communicate with your potential clients.
  12. Many payment options, some users prefer credit cards and some users prefer PayPal. By having many payment options you increase the chances of making a sale.
  13. Measure. All the above techniques can only be used efficiently when you constantly measure and evaluate their success. Tracking the users path from entering your site to becoming a client is key to knowing how to optimize your landing page. Google analytics is a good tool for web analytics – and it is free. 

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