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Top 17 tips for getting people to read and react on your tweets!

Top 17 tips for getting people to read and react on your tweets!

  1. Attach images.
  2. Use short videos.
  3. Avoid shortenings as many don’t understand them and will stop reading when they see them.
  4. Avoid complicated words and language if your audience is international.
  5. Don’t assume people know who everybody is.
  6. Internal references for an internal group of “more educated” people will most likely remain internal.
  7. Use humour.
  8. Show emotions and passion when applicable.
  9. Don’t be shy to rant if you feel strongly about something and actually have a point to be made over a number of tweets.
  10. Adapt to the news cycle and send the message when people out there reading are actually available. Some read on weekends, some every morning, some in the evening. West coast U.S. is ten hours behind Eastern Europe.
  11. Don’t assume your fancy title mean your message will always be read.
  12. Use your 140 characters to summarize the essence of your message even if you attach a link.
  13. Don’t stay anonymous unless you actually are a high-ranking spy with really good sources. Being anonymous makes you lose credibility.
  14. Describe why you are relevant and what you are in your short bio.
  15. Have a recognisable photo.
  16. Make sure your tweets have correct language and punctuation. Many persons refrain from reading bad language.
  17. Who is the audience of your message? There are reasons to believe the above has impact on all audiences but the question should still be asked. 

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