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Top Travel Novels - Solo Travelling

Top Travel Novels - Solo Travelling

While traveling everyone looks for travel novels. Here we will introduce top 4 travel novels. And they are:

1) The Lost Continent by Bill Bryson. There are plenty of fantastic Bill Bryson books out there, and any of them could hold this place here. "The Lost Continent" is Bryson's journey across America, visiting some cliches (the Grand Canyon), but also explore the back roads and looking for the family to help you remember your home. 

2) Wanderlust: Real life stories of adventure and romance of Pico Iyer. Probably one of the best collections of travel literature published in recent times, this collection is under the name of Pico Iyer, who helped edit this collection. These stories come from the "Wanderlust" by and create a varied tapestry of travel writing that will keep the reader flipping from one writer to another. 

3) A Walk Across America by Peter Jenkins. This is one of the all time classic modern travel literature, as Peter Jenkins recalls the story of his 1973-1975 walk from New York to New Orleans. For many readers, this remains a rare travel book that grips you and keeps you. Known as a travel writer to walk anywhere, including Alaska and China, Peter Jenkins says: "I started finding myself and my country and found both." That sums up what travel writing should be all about. Sign up at mobile casino and play all types of real money casino games online.

4) Travel w / Charlie by John Steinbeck. This was a novel that helped John Steinbeck won the Nobel Prize for Literature. "Travels with Charlie" is a tale of fantastic journey to the heart of travel, trip point, and the confrontation and the strange idea that the places and people who have gone once it's memory. As returns to the places of his youth that many of his books are based on, he realizes to see old friends who are so uncomfortable with him being back as it is to be there. A great story about travel, about the house, mourning lost history, on aging, and the United States, this should be required reading for all high school students. 


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