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Web Design Usability Statistics You Must Know [INFOGRAPHIC]

Web Design Usability Statistics You Must Know [INFOGRAPHIC]

Web design is the fundamental part of creating and using a website. It defines the vision of the company and build an environment for elements to inhabit it. Without a good web design representing your website, you cannot display, promote or sell your content on the internet. From aesthetics, speed, visual content, text, mobile usability and even the length of the content is accountable for the success of your web design. In this infographic compiled and designed by GO-Gulf Dubai web development company, we will show you the most popular trends taking on the web design industry and how they tend to affect the performance of a website.

First off, CTAs or call to actions. CTAs are graphical control elements that help users interact with the website by inciting an immediate response through their content. Their presence is imperative, but unfortunately an alarming number of websites tend to ignore this too often. Statistics reveal that more than 70% of small business websites neglect CTAs and fail to show them on their homepages, products pages, email, newsletters and demos etc. Similarly, the need for mobile responsive design is also on the high. Trends dictate that 85% of online users want mobile website to be as good or even better than their desktop versions. Speed is also one of the biggest stakeholders in the success of a web design as 47% of users want their web pages to load within 2 seconds or less. If that exceeds the threshold, then abandonments become eminent. The evidence to this is the 39% users who were found to stop engagement with a website if the images took more than the preferred time to load. So far as the content length is concerned, 51-100 page websites have been found 48% more traffic savvy compared to shorter 1-50 page directories. To learn more about these trends, see the infographic below.

web design usability infographic

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