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Web Directories For All Countries In Africa

Web Directories For All Countries In Africa

What is a web directory

The question what a web directory is has been asked many times and it is still very relevant. A web directory is a place on the Internet where information about web sites is stored and made accessible to people looking for certain information. Most often web directories are used by companies, organisations and institutions to ensure that information about their business is available to the public and other companies they want to reach in order to build their business. 

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A good web directory should therefore be easy to find for those persons and companies looking for relevant information about industries, companies and geographical areas of interest. 

As with many other areas of business there are some industries, companies, countries and cities that have a higher level of coverage and others that have a lesser coverage. For some regions of the world web directories are not so developed and that has a negative impact on businesses present in those regions. 

Web directory in Africa - Why is it useful?

Africa is a continent where web directories has a lesser present than elsewhere in the world. The reason for this is obvious when one looks closer at the development level of Africa. Most African countries have a lower standard of living compared with the average in the world and there is therefore a lower interest to address the needs of companies in Africa, simply because they do not have the money needed to invest in marketing. The budgets for marketing is in turn what make web directories spin. There is, and should be, an ever present interest in making money for companies. 

But Africa is developing fast and there are some countries in Africa that show some of the biggest growth in GDP in the world. Fryday has thus come to the conclusion that it is time to launch a web directory that cover all of the African continent. This web directory for Africa is very easy to use and it spans a wide number of industries. 

With a high quality web directory for African businesses we are sure that we will add value to companies in Africa and increase the positive development of business in Africa.  

How can a web directory in Africa for my company be beneficial? 

A web directory in Africa is not only beneficial for companies that are already present in Africa but also for companies who are aspiring to establish business in Africa. By adding a company to our web directory your company will be visible for all persons and companies that are looking for business relationships in Africa, be it companies or private persons. 

For companies already present in Africa listing a company in our web directory is a good opportunity to reach a wider market, not only of potential buyers but also of investors across the world. As the interest of doing business in Africa increases there will be a mutual interest for companies present in Africa and companies not yet present to connect with each other to further each other’s goals on the international market place. 

What should I do to add my company to a web directory in Africa

It is very easy to add a company to Fryday’s web directory. All you need to do is to register on the website and then follow this link to the web directory and fill in the very simple form there. 

Please be thorough when you fill in the information to make sure you present your company in the best possible way. If you do that you increase your chances of getting the businesses result that you are interested in. 

Summary - Web directories for all countries in Africa

A web directory is a very good way for a company to reach out to a new market. By adding a company to a web directory you will get a great exposure to businesses and consumers across the world. Africa is a continent with many fast growing countries but there a shortage of web directories that cover Africa. 

We have created this directory as a gateway to Africa and we offer listings for companies from all industries, countries and cities across the African continent.

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