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Mention the words “professional networking” and we all react differently. Some love the idea of meeting and connecting with new people whilst others shudder at the thought of having to interact with a room full of strangers. Yet we all want the benefits of building a strong network: business opportunities, new ideas, trends and increased career options.


And this is where joining Fryday’s really makes sense! Fryday is the professional’s choice for social business networking for Eastern Europe. Why? Well... In short it is the online network you always wanted to join because here you can actually meet your connections in person.




  • A stronger, more resilient network. Sure, there are plenty of business networks out there but Fryday has the size and scope that few networks can offer. Consider that most international groups for professionals have a strong presence in one city or are perhaps popular in one country. Fryday is a social network which covers Eastern Europe and Central Asia. You can attend an event in Kiev one night then attend an event the following week in Prague.


  • Fryday is a franchise. Similar to other franchises such as McDonald’s, the professional networking follows a set of guidelines and goals. By joining and attending Fryday you know that it will be attended by likeminded individuals. And... most importantly! It is a professionally run and managed networking event. This can be compared to online groups or loosely affiliated professional networks where the quality of arranged events can vary widely to the point of being unrecognizable.


  • Depth of membership and knowledge. Are you looking to expand into a neighbouring country or even to bring your business to Eastern Europe? Fryday’s professional network is not only multinational and familiar with the ‘local terrain’, the representatives managing events have the right connections. So if you are for instance based in Bratislava and looking to open a new office in Warsaw, Fryday can help you point you in the right direction.


  • The personal touch. Fryday is to working professionals in Eastern Europe and Central Asia as LinkedIn is to the online community. As with LinkedIn you will meet people across the entire spectrum with different backgrounds and stages in their career. The big difference is that here you have the chance to make that important personal connection.


  • A marquee name for your own professional networking events. If you enjoy meeting new people you have the option of starting and managing your own Fryday where you live (if there isn’t one there already). There are still cities which are waiting for the right person to set up shop. If you attend a Fryday event and decide you enjoy it so much you can start up your own professional network. Not only will you have access to the Fryday brand name and reputation but you will also get training, support and input along the entire journey.


  • Entrepreneurial spirit. Fryday traces its roots back to entrepreneurs and its events reflect this. Entrepreneurs have a can-do approach to life and Fryday’s is no different. Perhaps you are in the early stages of a new business or looking for new opportunities. Let Fryday’s energize you!



The above is what sets Fryday’s apart from most professional networking groups and a reason to keeping expanding your personal universe. A word of advice on the topic, networking is similar to other social situations where you are the master of your own destiny. Effort = results. One example to highlight this: if you are out fishing it is highly unlikely that a fish will jump out of the water and into the boat before you’ve even thrown in a line and hook. To see positive results you also need to be prepared to engage and participate.

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