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Workplace Hygiene: 6 Common Germ Spots in Your Office That Needs Cleaning

Workplace Hygiene: 6 Common Germ Spots in Your Office That Needs Cleaning

Workplace Hygiene: 6 Common Germ Spots in Your Office That Needs Cleaning

Employees must represent well the company that they belong to. It's not just about dressing professionally or making a great impression to others. Instead, it's all about practicing flawless hygiene in the office.

After all, it's for the health and safety of everyone ‒ employees, clients, and visitors alike. To prevent germs from taking control of your work and workplace, we'll tackle the six germ hotspots in the office:

1. Desk

Do you know that your office desk is 100x less sterile than the table in your kitchen, and 400x grosser than your toilet seat? Well, it doesn't come as a surprise since a lot of office workers fail to wash their hands regularly, even after using the toilet. Others eat at their desk during lunch break or store unnecessary items that belong to the trash bin.

So, if you're regularly eating at your desk, it's time to break the habit. It's crucial that you wash your hands before eating and always use a hand sanitizer. Keep micro bacterial wipes at all times since they always come in handy especially when banishing cold and flu viruses and bacteria. Also, avoid leaving food or mess around since they can be another source of germs.

2. Fridge

Chances are, you can potentially get bacteria or germs just by touching the fridge after your officemates have put their viruses on it. So, throw out food that is past their due date as this can be a potential source of Listeria. Whenever you have ready-to-eat-foods, remember to eat them before their due date, and keep the temperature below 5 degrees Celsius.

Moreover, you can start a policy wherein you have to clear out the fridge by the end of the week and clean it afterward. Protect your food from possible contamination by carefully placing it in plastic-lidded containers, and keep in mind to keep the ready-to-eat foods away from the raw foods.

3. Keyboard and mouse

Work environments can be excellent breeding grounds for germs in your office keyboard is a great example, harboring millions of microbes.  Having these unfriendly office 'pets' around can be a significant source of sickness, and can be one of the primary causes of inefficiency in the workplace, which means falling behind your tasks.

Ideally, keep an anti-microbial hand gel with you at all times, since you're not sure whether or not your hands are clean. If you're eating at your desk, make sure to wash your hands and to sanitize before touching your food. Also, move the keyboard away to take off the crumbs, and clean it to after.

If you have to cough or sneeze, it's advisable to do it at the crook of your elbow as it ensures that your hands are still kept clean, without passing your germs to your colleagues.

4. Mug

Mugs can be another breeding ground for germs especially if you don't have a dishwasher at hand. Can you see molds growing on the coffee dregs? Gross.

Chances are, a simply rinsing in the mug isn't enough to get rid of your office mate's germs. If it's contaminated, and you have a cold, you can quickly get their viruses as well.


That's why it's always essential that you use the office dishwasher especially if you don't have your mug. If you have one, always wash it by the end of the day and don't share it with others.

Remember to get the ones that have smooth surfaces, since they're relatively easy to wash, and make sure that the water you use is sterile. Otherwise, the bacteria can eventually build up over time.

5. Door handles

One of the most touched spots in the office, door handles can be the primary source of a variety of viruses such as the norovirus, wherein it causes gastrointestinal illnesses and can spread quickly.

This type of infection can also be spread when one vomits or sneezes, with the capacity to travel as far as ten feet on the front and seven feet on the side. These can also be found in feces and can easily be transferred around the office especially if they don't wash their hands after using the toilet.

Therefore, when going to work, always bring a hand sanitizer with you as most contamination usually happens at touch point surfaces such as door handles.

6. Photocopier

Everyone uses the photocopier in the office, so you can pick up whatever germs that have touched your colleague's hands, which can be in the form of a bacteria, flu or cold virus that is easily transferable. Ideally, hand-contact surfaces must be disinfected at the end of the day.

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to the workplace at the end of the day, cleanliness and personal hygiene are essential since they hold the utmost importance. It should also be included in every organization's norms and policies.


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