Event concepts

Fryday Afterwork is the end of the week free networking events typically starting in the early evening of Fridays in a down town venue. Come and meet interesting people in a very relaxed format.
Fryday W is a mid-week networking event with a theme and most often a specially invited speaker or panel who presents and discuss the theme for a short period followed by questions. Fryday W offers very good opportunities for business networking in a professional format. Fryday W is an open event and guests can come and go as they please. No pre-registration is required.
Fryday Good Morning is a thematic meeting for an exclusive group of senior businessmen and recommended for high level and personal connections. Fryday Good Morning offers a small group of selected guests to meet at a convenient time with great opportunity for personal interaction with an active host assisting with introductions and discussion topics.
Fryday Training is an event where Fryday offers trainings on topics or skills in demand by its members. Fryday Trainings has a set theme and most often Fryday has invited a specialist to conduct the training.

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