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Many companies prefer to work with freelancers for smaller projects where they need specialised talent. Fryday is an excellent platform for companies to find those specialists and for freelancers to find the companies that needs them.

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Investors, aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups flock to Fryday looking for money, partners, clients and talent. As a member you can meet them in person.

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Fryday doesn't require continuous presence, annual membership fees, pre-registrations but encourage its members to be flexible and use Fryday for the purposes that fits the interest of the member.

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Volvo Trucks

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Upcoming networking events

Fryday Kyiv Afterwork at Rebra & Kotlety
150 UAH
Fryday Sofia Afterwork at Dada Cultural Bar

Photos from last networking events

Fryday Kharkiv Afterwork at Fabrika.Bar on 09 Dec 2016

Fryday Kharkiv Afterwork at Fabrika.Bar on 09 Dec 2016

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Fryday Kyiv Afterwork at Моменты (Moments) on 02 Dec 2016

Fryday Kyiv Afterwork at Моменты (Moments) on 02 Dec 2016

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Fryday Bratislava Afterwork at Lux club on 25 Nov 2016

Fryday Bratislava Afterwork at Lux club on 25 Nov 2016

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Fryday Kyiv Afterwork at D*Lux on 25 Nov 2016

Fryday Kyiv Afterwork at D*Lux on 25 Nov 2016

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