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Fryday is an international network of professionals that organize networking events where we gather business men and women, company owners, government officials and many more professionals for real world meetings where the guests can interact in person, get knowledge, form relationships of trust and have a good time.

Fryday’s events are open, don’t require any pre-registration and the guests can bring friends and colleagues as they please. The guests can arrive and leave Fryday’s events when they feel like doing so and the events don’t have a program so the guests can use them to interact with any other guests at their own terms.

Fryday is about real meetings in the real world, not online connections that are sometimes not very real. Fryday bring people together in a way that make it possible for the members to meet other members in person. Fryday strongly believe that personal meetings are the only way to really get to know another person and form a relationship of trust with that person.

In the online world people are subjected to many messages that are not always based on facts and there are also many individuals in the online world that are not truthful about who they are and what they have achieved. Fryday’s online platform is based on the real people that has attended Fryday’s events and all content is strictly moderated.

Joining Fryday is very easy, just sign up at and you will receive invitations to Fryday’s events in any city you are interested in.

Fryday’s Business Directory is open to all companies. You can add your company at All entries are subject to moderation to maintain the high quality Fryday is known for.

Becoming a Fryday Representative is a very good opportunity to build supreme local and international networks while at the same time having a very good time, learn event management and making money. Fryday’s Representatives usually become socialites in their cities, are often invited to premieres, restaurant and nightclub openings and similar events.

As a Fryday Representative you are offered:

You become an event management and professional networking expert.

The system and the marketing material is in place. You can start right away.

Fryday is a low risk franchise that is easy to manage and can be cancelled at any time.

You will be independent and can easily combine Fryday with other business activities or family life.

Your will get a top level professional network locally and internationally.

You get a proven business model and can start making money right away after starting Fryday in your city.

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Find more information about becoming a Fryday Reprentative here or contact us at

Fryday welcomes venues to sign up in Fryday’s Venue Directory which is a good way to be visible for locals and internationals alike and thereby attract new business. Add your venue to Fryday’s Venue Directory here:

If you are interested in hosting a Fryday event at your venue, please contact Fryday at


Fryday produce professional and social networking events. Fryday has four well tested concepts that are both easy to produce and very attractive among the local business communities.
Fryday's social events for professionals are rather unique and the flexible format of Fryday's events is very attractive to people with a busy schedule.
You invite professionals in your city to Fryday events and make sure the guests have a good time at the events while meeting other interesting people. Fryday has great knowledge and experience about how to do this.
Fryday will provide you with training, an online system, knowledge, experience, support, marketing material and a good brand.
We will get back to you very soon and answer your questions as well ask you for an online discussion to talk more about how to proceed. All of this is strictly about information, you are not entering any contract when talking with us.
Fryday has an online system that makes management very cost effective and we also find it important that the franchise fee should not feel like a burden for Fryday's Representatives, that is also why you can stop working with Fryday any time you want.
You charge an entrance fee to the events, invite companies for marketing at your events and as venues find Fryday's guests very attractive Fryday never have to pay to use the venues for events.


Listing your company is free of charge - for now.
Please contact Fryday at for questions regarding event- or online-marketing.


Your venue agree to host a Fryday event which usually ends up being very profitable for you as Fryday's guests are happy spenders. Your venue will also be profiled in Fryday's event advertisement reaching thousands of local professionals and companies.
Please contact Fryday at for more details about becoming a venue partner.
Fryday has a huge reach in social media and more than 200k+ subscribers to its newsletter. Contact Fryday at for details about advertisement.

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