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Photos From Previous Networking Events

Fryday Almaty Afterwork at GĀN BĒI on 25 Nov 2016

Fryday Almaty Afterwork at GĀN BĒI on 25 Nov 2016

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Fryday Almaty Afterwork at BARSTOL & KOK on 19 Feb 2016

Fryday Almaty Afterwork at BARSTOL & KOK on 19 Feb 2016

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Fryday Almaty W with Ramil Mukhoryapov on 10 Feb 2016

Fryday Almaty W with Ramil Mukhoryapov on 10 Feb 2016

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Fryday Almaty is a community where expats and locals make new contacts and meet friends

Fryday's meetings frequent down-town hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs where the Fryday community of locals and expats can exchange culture experiences, practise language skills, build relationships, find friends and enjoy nightlife and party. For somebody who has just moved abroad Fryday is a great opportunity to make new contacts, go out, get introduced to the entertainment scene. Fryday's events make it easy for foreigners to meet locals.

Enjoy the nightlife in a new city; go to the most trendy hotels, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Meet new people at Fryday's events; the members are expats and locals who know the all about the concerts, sightseeing, exhibitions, museums, art, music, events and clubs in the city you are visiting. The community of expats and locals you meet at Fryday's events are also able to give great travel advice when visiting a new country.

Fryday offer tourists and people who visit a new city an opportunity to experience local culture

Business networking, trainings and seminars

If you are a local interested in advancing your career or finding a new job or an expat thinking of relocating to work in another country Fryday is the community where you can build a network to further your ambitions. Many of Fryday's members are expats who work and live abroad and they know a lot about moving to a new country and many also have cross culture experience and can provide employment if they have a vacancy in their company. Many in the expat community also have connections with local recruitment companies.

If you are representing a company and are interested in business opportunities or to invest Fryday is a great place to meet representatives of service providers, IT offshore companies, producers, recruitment agencies, chamber of commerce and embassy representatives as well as freelance developers, translators and others interested in international business as importers, exporters and sour cing and production companies. Fryday welcomes members and companies who are moving to a new country or visiting a country for business purposes and are looking for investment opportunities, suppliers, production sourcing, off-shore developers, recruitment and contacts with chambers of commerce, embassies. Many of Fryday's local members and companies are service providers and interested in international business. Add your company to Fryday's company listing for free to get started!

Investor information and contacts with offshore suppliers and service providers for companies

Become Fryday's Representative In Your City!

Fryday offers great opportunities for anybody who wants to become a Fryday Representative. Contact Fryday to receive more information about how to become a Representative.

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