Becoming A Fryday Representative

Fryday Produce Networking Events For Professionals Across The World


Learn Event Management

Fryday will provide you training and coaching which will make you an expert event manager


Build A Global Network

Work with Fryday and your network will be world wide


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Make Money

Working with Fryday is a very easy way to make good money on the side


$24.99 per month
  • 10000 Companies
  • 8 Emails
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Fryday Business Directory and Advertisment

Do not miss Fryday's events where you can find new bussines contacts and friends.


Email marketing

Email marketing is the best channel to have one-to-one dialogues with each of your customers at scale


Targeted Advertisement

Social media visibility in Fryday's 50k+ social media communities across the world


Real People And Real Companies

Fryday is running real world networking events, Fryday's members are real people, real companies.

Business Plan

  • 10 Companies
  • 10000 Contacts
  • 4 Newsletters per week

$0.99 per month

Basic Plan

  • 5 Companies
  • Contacts manager
  • 1000 Contacts
  • 2 Newsletters per week

$5.00 per month

Premium Plan

  • 50 Companies
  • Contacts manager
  • 100000 Contacts
  • 16 Newsletters per week
  • Classifieds
  • Events
  • Phone Support

$50.00 per month

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