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Fryday Is Looking For Representatives For Its Networking Events Franchise

Fryday is an international network of professionals that produce networking events. Fryday is a franchise and is planning to launch its networking events all over the world. Fryday’s event franchise has a low fee, is easy to run and makes good money. Sign up now to take advantage of the opportunity in your city or contact us for more information. More information is available below.   

The Benefits of Being a Fryday Representative

Training And Support Provided

You become an event management and professional networking expert.

You Get An Excellent Professional Network

You will get a top level professional network locally and internationally.

Proven Business Model

You get a proven business model and can start making money right away after starting Fryday in your city.

Digital Marketing Platform

Fryday developed a solution that will help you to stay ahead in digital marketing.

Sign-up For Fryday’s Networking Events Franchise Now!

No obligations. You can quit whenever you want.
Become well connected and a local socialite in your city.
Make good money from the networking events franchise in your city.
Become a networking expert.
Learn event management.
Get access to Fryday’s knowledge and experience from years of networking events production.
Fryday has a well tested business model that works all over the world.
You will have the exclusive rights to Fryday’s brand and system in your city.
Being an event organizer is fun. You will make money and have fun at the same time.
Fryday is very flexible. Work when you want, where you want and how you want.
Set your own ambitions and work as much or as little as you want.
Fryday’s networking events franchise is easy to manage and a good way to start your career in business.
Somebody else might take Fryday’s franchise before you so don’t hesitate. Sign-up for Fryday’s networking events franchise now!

Fryday Franchise

Fryday is a very affordable Franchise with no starting fee. Fryday Representatives pay the monthly fee for the exclusive rights to use to Fryday's system, brand and access to its knowledge and material in a specified area.

$24.99 per month Proceed

Prices and Conditions

No other fees than the below applies. You keep all the extra income yourself. Fryday has no notice period so you can cancel the agreement by stop paying but be aware that your exclusive rights to Fryday are then forfeited and somebody else will be able to take over your community.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about becoming Fryday's Representative feel free to contact us

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