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Le Boudoir de Muriel

Le Boudoir de Muriel

Growing old, there is no escaping from it, we are all getting older. The question is HOW. HOW do YOU wish to age? How do you feel, when you realize that your energy level is getting lower and lower, that your sleep is no longer the deep slumber of your youth and leaves you just as tired the next day? Not to mention the mornings after late night parties, age spots and wrinkles appearing… and those pounds creeping up on you and happily settling around your waist. Youth is gone, you are no longer 20 and it shows in your metabolism. I have been through all this and it left me sad and bewildered. I did not like the feeling of not recognizing my body anymore and my mental strength suffered accordingly. It hurt a lot! It doesn’t affect everyone the same way, some people don’t care but a lot do. I certainly did! It is not so much about the years adding up but it is all about the body and mind staying young and full of energy. While I was searching for answers, for valuable and innovative input, I happened to come across a company a few years ago and discovered an amazing technology based on gene expression, called AGELOC. AGELOC gave me back my fresh looking skin, a much improved sleep, sped up my metabolism and so much more. It was such a wonderful feeling! Then and there I decided to become a partner and today I am very exited to share my knowledge and passion with you. There is no greater pleasure for me than to help others improve their bodies and minds, more essentially their life! I am very proud to be here today and to be able to present this incredible anti-aging technology and personalized skin care. We also have simple daily solutions such as Whitening toothpaste, the buzz on social networks. Our slogan « DISCOVER THE BEST YOU» means a lot to me! I ask YOU the question, what can I do for YOU? How can I help YOU? Come and see for yourself, let’s meet next Friday :)

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