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Rilind Berisha

Rilind Berisha

I am Rilind Berisha, a photographer with more than six years experience. Since very young, I developed a real passion for photography. This passion-work is for me a chance to make special moments stay forever because of photography and to make memories feel alive again. This capacity of maintaining a moment is for me the most beautiful power photography has got. Dedicated and energetic, I am competent to capture high quality images and photos. For this, I strongly believe that a good organization is necessary to have professional results. That’s why I always take time to think about my goals behind photography: what must be captured? What should I make appear ? But, photography isn’t only a planned sweet story. Sometimes and magically, photography can’t wait and that’s why I love it. I really have pleasure to take photos of unexcepted moments, unexcepted smiles, faces, places or things. During my experiences, I developed several strategies and capacities and I feel confortable using photography equipment and tools. I have the chance to increase my capacities especially in these types of projects: advertising, events, food, interior, hotels, products, family portraits, weddings, birthdays, and others. This wide variety of experiences is a real benefit for me because I always could improve myself and that’s something I pursue today too. Recently arrived in Geneva, I still want to continue living for my passion and I’ll do all the best that I can to make this possible. Rilind Berisha

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Geneva, Switzerland

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