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THE ORIGIN The motherland of the Jewellery House, NATKINA, is in Switzerland, a country of ancient jewellery traditions, perfect craftsmanship in the creation of extra fine machinery and luxury goods. The year of foundation is 2011. The style of the brand can be easily described as "modern classic", impregnated with spirituality, tradition and inspired by the best samples of the world's cultural heritage. NATKINA jewellery combines the craftsmanship of Swiss jewellers and exquisite cosmopolitan designs. THE SYMBOL The eight-pointed star - the ancient Byzantine sign which defines the double crossing of the four Elements: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Their synergy takes the form of this star, - a strong concentration of energy imbued with the properties of an arcane talisman. The manufacturer of the star-symbol brand have specially developed and patented a special cut of diamond epitomizing the brand and capturing the essence of NATKINA. NATKINA Jewellery, like an ancient amulet, give a sense of security to the person wearing them. OUR VALUES Providing our clients with a better product than they have expected, for a smaller price than they have anticipated. To offer well manufactured and well designed items, which are properly presented by a knowledgeable staff, and beautifully wrapped to a client with every budget.

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Montreux, Switzerland

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